michelle obama styleWhy did George Clooney, after swearing he won’t ever say I do again, say, “I do?”

This was a question posed to Patty Stanger, known to Bravo fans as “The Millionaire Matchmaker” when she was a guest on a radio show I listened to while driving.  Her answer got my attention: “He married her because he was tired.”

She continued to say that when men hit 50, they tire of chasing women and want to settle down to have someone care for them.  When women hit 50, however, they want to re-invent their lives, have renewed energy and are typically are sick and tired of caring for everyone else, even if they continue to do so.

This got me thinking, as so many of my clients are over 50.

It is their time for themselves. They don’t need George Clooney in their lives; well okay maybe an exception could be made, but frankly they don’t have the time for him.

These over 50 powerhouse women are too busy starting new businesses, working at broadening their careers, enjoying their hobbies and lives and listening to other experts to figure out what their second act should be. They are simply caring for their body and minds in ways that were unimaginable a few years before.

Being over 50 means they are weary of what they’ve been doing up to that point and they want to spend their time doing what makes them happy, fulfilled and satisfied. And surprisingly, they want to do it alone.

However, these women, who used to have careers that required wearing suits to work, often now have wardrobes that do not reflect their renewed spirit, attitude and fortitude. They no longer need a ‘power suit’ to make people see them as influential. These women KNOW they are formidable and no one and nothing holds them back.

Forget the traditional corporate uniform and go for jackets that have unique details that include extra seaming, zippers, angled cuts and fluidity. Avoid the buttoned up and restrained tops. The entrepreneurial woman is done with being constrained.

Wear color. Forget about hiding in all black in order to blend in.  Those starting over at over age 50 women know that life is short, and they are sick and tired of looking and feeling like they don’t matter or exist.

Don’t wear the clothes from your past life and career. Mix it all up, add new colorful accessories, have fun deciding what to wear and count on getting compliments for how good you look.

The majority of my clients are very successful businesswomen. They have created careers and business from their daydreams to satisfying realities. These women are full of energy and curiosity as to how to improve their minds, appearance and bank accounts.

It is never too late for a woman to start over. Maybe she won’t have George Clooney’s proposal to consider, but that’s okay. She is way too busy for red carpets and award shows anyhow. This is her time, and she is standing in her own spotlight.

For more on this subject of power dressing after 50, please read this fabulous New York Times piece in our “BA50 Looks at the News” section.

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