New Year’s Eve is fast approaching and you realize that you really want to knock that special someone’s socks off when he sees you in your New Year’s Eve ensemble. There is one color that pops into your head – RED–but you aren’t sure you can carry it off.  I am here to tell you – yes, you can!  And I will tell you how.

Keep it simple!  This week I am offering two simple, yet eye-catching, red dresses for New Year’s Eve.  One is a ruched silk satin v-neck long sleeve sheath dress and the other is a three-quarter embellished sleeve side-tie dress.  Both say WOW and will turn all eyes on you. The ruched dress could be very forgiving in your middle section.  The side-tie dress may be easier to dance in. Be careful of too many red sequins, in case you are thinking of wearing a red sequined dress, because it may just be TOO MUCH.  For outerwear, I love this embellished wool-blend coat by J. Crew to top off your outfit.

You can jazz them up with a statement and glittery necklace (I give you three possibilities), a black and gold or lace gold cuff bracelet, and rings of your choice.  For shoes, I show three suggestions:  black suede pump with a bow, some glittery metallic lower heel pumps and an animal print with a very low heel.  Wear what is comfortable for you!  How about two amazing clutches – one with a gold shoulder strap you can use or not.

The idea is to have a simple and eye-popping red dress and let the accessories be as imaginative and shiny as you want.  I kept the earrings as simple diamond studs, but you could also do a simple pendant necklace and jazz up the earrings. Having said all this about keeping it simple, I think you should wear what makes you feel good.  Have fun with this and let your inner hot tamale out!

red holiday fashion

Okay, there are those of you who would not pay to go out into the craziness of New Year’s Eve.  You choose to stay in, snuggle up, get comfy and watch something special on TV.  Again, if you have that special someone with you, you may want to wear something that makes a sexy, yet stylish statement.  Or, if that’s not your style, you may want to do the knit, flannel and fuzzy slipper route. So again, I am suggesting some different looks.

First two top, pants and robe looks of soft jersey and lace trim.  Sexy and elegant.  Pretty slippers.  Keep the jewelry minimal and beautiful.

sexy new years eve fashion

For the comfy look, pajamas in cotton knit or flannel, a cozy sweater from Eddie Bauer and warm, fuzzy slippers from H & M. You can find sleep and loungewear like this anywhere and at various price points.  The idea is to feel comfortable, but still feel pretty. Why shouldn’t you feel pretty on New Year’s Eve?

comfy new years eve fashion

So whether you are going to paint the town or are staying in, you are set for celebrating the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014.  Here’s to a great new year!!



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