Last week’s suicides had many of us asking, “How could this have happened to such successful people who appeared to have it all?”

This is the question that has us looking more deeply into what mental illness looks like, how we need to respond to it for ourselves, our friends and our families.

Ignoring those who are struggling around us is not an option and the New York Times gives some great advice on how to deal if a friend is depressed.

“Reports of Kate Spade’s suicide and struggle with depression instantly transformed her from symbol of polished prep to a blunt reminder that suffering affects all types. Three days later we woke to the news that another beloved figure, Anthony Bourdain, had taken his life.

These two tragedies have inspired hundreds to tweet some version of the same message: Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of.

But deep in the comment threads, some have also been debating a more uncomfortable question: What do you do when a friend is depressed for such a long time that you’ve started to feel that that nothing you can do will make a difference, and your empathy reserves are tapped out? There are no easy answers. But here are some tips from experts:”…..

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