ValentineMimeHere’s a hint – too, too, too

Remember what Mom said – ‘Sweetheart, too much of anything is not a good thing.’

Let’s go down the Valentine’s Day outfit check list, and check it twice before date night!

Clothing that is too tight – is this really the time to don a dress that you can’t eat a meal in or sit comfortably on a barstool?

Heels that are too high – nobody can walk effectively or efficiently in 6-inch heels. What good are the stilettos if you end up needing a nose job at the end of the night?

Perfume that is too strong – ever walked by a Yankee Candle Shop in the mall? Unless you want to clear the room, remember less is more.

Bras that are too uplifting – it’s good to get the girls off your waistband but having them sitting on the table may be overkill.

redbrasmallLipstick that is too thick – nothing says don’t kiss me more than wax lips.

Too much red
– if it’s head too toe – it’s too much! Think ugly Christmas sweater outfit. Do you have the visual?

sheerdressAnything that is too sheer – no words even come close to what I think about this outfit!

Remember what Mom said the second day, ‘Sweetheart, don’t try too hard. Just be yourself, because your self is perfect just the way you are!’

Struggling with your self image? The first step towards transformation is realizing there’s nothing wrong with your body, there’s something wrong with your clothing!

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