There are only so many things that spiked eggnog can fix and your style is not one of them.

Perhaps you have been intentionally perusing holiday catalogues, reading fashion blogs and pouring over Pinterest in search of your style identity just so you can tell others what is on your wishlist! As you are shopping for others? No doubt you are coming across items that you personally either need or desire.

Is anything in particular popping out at you or nothing at all? Do you find that you see plenty of ‘looks’ like you currently dress but are honestly attracted to completely different looks? Then it is perfectly clear, you are suffering from a style identity crisis.

Let’s break it down for you by starting with the basics – the catch phrases! There are 7 common trigger words that are used. They are called ‘triggers’ because they do just that, they trigger a visual image in your mind of a style icon, an acquaintance or perhaps even you! Granted you can fall into multiple categories. I personally would note myself as classic and edgy because I like tailored, timeless, quality clothing with simple lines but I am not a banker so I add a bit of edge to my wardrobe by incorporating a bit of leather in the details, fashion forward jewelry and spot on tailoring so my look comes together as very precise.

Here are the triggers – where do you fall?

Edgy . Elegant . Classic . Relaxed . Dramatic . Feminine . Creative


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