If you are like me, you have multiple pairs of yoga pants. ¬†I have my really nice Lucy yoga pants that I treat like kid gloves because I love them so much. ¬†I have my Target yoga pants that have more cotton, are super comfortable and I have been known to go to the grocery in, although I hope I don’t see anyone I know when I am there. ¬†Then I have the all-cotton knit ones that I lounge around the house in, take naps in, are probably one size too large and wouldn’t be caught dead in outside the house. ¬†They all look like yoga pants.

Now imagine that you could find a pair of jeans that were so stretchy you could actually do yoga in them and they held their shape, didn’t ride up or down and you could wear them out to eat after a class? ¬†Talk about double duty! ¬†Now hard core yoga people may turn up their noses at them, but if you believe the reviews that I have seen online, their claims hold up. ¬†They are called Yoga Jeans. ¬†Now, I know you are probably thinking I am talking about something like the Pajama Jeans at the local drug store. Au contraire! ¬†These are bona fide jeans you can get at Nordstrom, and you can find them in skinny, straight and bootleg, so you can go with whatever leg line is your favorite and looks best on you. ¬†Here is what they look like:

Yoga Jeans from Nordstrom.com

Just add a cute blouse, sweater or tunic and boots or flats and you are ready to go.¬† I can’t wait to try some myself! ¬†Leave a comment if you have tried them. ¬†We would love to know how they worked for you!

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