A common topic among women is their libidos being out of sync with their partners. Most women if they are being super honest have alot to say on this topic but like all things in life — when we rely on others for our own satisfaction – we can tend to be disappointed. This is why this article from Sexual Being.org is particularly eye opening and encouraging.

“One of the most common problems couples face in relationships is a mismatched libido. This happens when one person has a higher sex drive than the other person (or people). It’s a normal imbalance which can stay relatively steady throughout a relationship or change week-to-week, depending on what’s going on in the bodies and lives of the people involved. 

Sometimes, it’s no big deal and couples find ways to adapt to each other’s sexual needs and boundaries as they fluctuate over time. In other cases, it’s tougher to handle — mismatched libidos can lead to tension and confusion about things like how often a couple should have sex, what type of sex they should be having, and how important of a priority physical intimacy should be in their relationship. Because sex is such a sensitive and personal issue — and because it can say so much about a person’s identity and the health of their relationship — working through these issues can, understandably, take some finesse. 

Thankfully, it’s a solvable problem. 

“It’s a difficult situation, but it’s totally possible to work around,” says Jamila Dawson, a Los Angeles-based sex therapist who helps couples with mismatched libidos find satisfaction and understanding amidst their differences. “The most important thing to know is that it doesn’t mean there’s a problem with either person in the relationship. Rather, it’s a more general imbalance that can be improved through experimentation, collaboration, and working together.”


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