I’m dreaming of beaches and flip-flops and warm breezes.  I’m sure that my mind wandering has nothing to do with yet another snow day. The beauty of the winter frost is quite tantalizing. Watching my otherwise mundane suburban neighborhood be transformed into a prop set from the movie Frozen is lovely. It reminds me of my childhood, when the snow piles were miles high, and my father would dig igloo forts for me.  We’d hollow out a snowbank, make little snow seats, and stick a candle in the middle to simulate a fire that would keep us warm until Mom got fed up with our absence and called us in to dinner.

No, what is making me long for flip-flops and beaches is the absurdly large plowing and oil bills that have been arriving of late…and the disruption to my schedule.  I figure if I’m going to be spending all this money on keeping warm and not getting anything done, I may as well be enjoying tropical breezes and pina coladas, decked out in a flattering Tory Burch bikini and Miguelina lace wrap.

Don’tcha think…sipping cocktails on the beach

Ponder this:  $528 to National Grid, $1,350 to the plow guy, $220 for a new pair of Sorel snow boots, $500 for totally unnecessary, high fat, low nutrition, “snow-mergency” groceries, $100 for on-demand movies, not to mention the huge time cost to go nowhere and get nothing done, then scrambling to get it all done before the next onslaught of blizzard conditions.  It’s an expensive and viscous cycle.

Isn't that Eugenia Kim hat D I V I N E...

For the same money I could go to town on a fantastic beach wardrobe, AND get a round trip ticket to Curaco with 4 nights hotel included…and still have money left over for many drinks with umbrellas.beach fashion dreaming of spring

As it is, the airport is closed…again…so even booking a trip now seems like a bit of a gamble.  Maybe I’ll just whip up a batch of cocktails and drink them in my snow fort…snow cocktails


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