flannelshirtForget what you are wearing on Manic Monday, what are you wearing on Casual Friday?

Okay, we are two weeks into the New Year and already you have un-resolved! Why? Could it be the extra 5 pounds you are carrying around after an indulgent holiday season? No worries, look around, you are swimming in the majority pool!

The quickest way to dash your resolution of shaking up your weary weekend wardrobe is to let the negative self-talk creep in. You know, “Oh crap, I can’t buy anything now because I have to lose the rum cake weight.” Come on girlfriend, today is what counts, not next week, next month or 2016!

Rather than succumb to reaching for the comfy mom jeans and flannel shirt combo, let’s amp things up a notch by way of some subtle curve-hugging action! Subtle I said!



Let’s attack it from the rear view. That’s right, your behind! Let’s dump the frump and be once and done with your mom jeans! Even Meredith Viera got into the action last week with Savannah Guthrie as they engaged in their “Mom Jeans” SNL spoof! It’s too funny – if you missed it, take a peek here: YouTube/MeredithViera

In a subsequent episode on makeovers, they even went so far as to name the type of jeans they used to transform a few women and sure enough, there were my client favorites, NYDJ! If you have been living under a rock, let me clue you in. NYDJ does not stand for New York Disc Jockey, rather it is Not Your Daughters Jeans and their tagline is “Look a size smaller”. That’s what we’re talking about ladies…LOOK a size smaller! Where’s that easy button?

Muster your courage, follow me down the yellow brick road and I will show you the way to a sassy behind!

Let’s dissect the path to a great fitting pair of jeans and start at www.NYDJ.com. On your first visit to the website you can sign up as an insider (aka their mailing list) and receive $15.00 off your first purchase. Boom, just saved you 15.00, because mind you, these are not Old Navy prices! I love their snarky choices – “Sign up and save 15.00” or “No thanks, I’d rather pay full price”. Once in, you can shop by fit, always the best way to shop!

Link on the top navigation bar NYDJ Fit to get rolling. Scroll down the page to view the 8 styles – super skinny, legging, skinny, straight, classic boot-cut, trouser/wide leg, modern boot-cut and ankle.

Stay with me here, no eye rolling yet. This is still easier than slogging through the mall! Before proceeding, listen carefully. This company prides itself on having a pair of jeans for every ‘body type’. You will find yours, but first things first. First, you need to know that you have to buy one size smaller than you usually wear. You will see that notation throughout their site, over and over. It is true, size down, they will fit and they will stretch. However they will come back to size after washing in cold water and line drying.
momjeansSecondly, before proceeding – go grab your garment tape measure. Yes Alice, you have to measure your body to get this right! And if the only thing you have is a metal tape measure or a yardstick, then by all means let me send you a new one! Contact me here www.DoreenDove.com/contact/ and write “Please send me a new tape measure” in the contact box. Be sure to include your email and physical address – I am gifting the first 100 ladies who are desperately in need of dumping the mom jeans! In the meantime grab that ball of yarn and a ruler and get your measurements jotted down so you can shop with purpose!

Ready to proceed. Of the 8 styles that you see, pick one that looks like it would make you feel sassy and stylish. The top two client favorites are the straight leg and the modern boot-cut. The difference here is the straight leg has a narrower leg opening, a 16-inch bottom opening vs. the 18-inch bottom on the modern boot-cut. This is another place the tape measure comes in handy. You should pull out your favorite pair of pants from your closet and measure the width of the bottom hemline, you just might prefer a more narrow leg opening as it is a slimmer silhouette.

Next step – link on the straight jean so we can do a deep dive. As of the time of this article, there are 29 options available in this silhouette. But wait, there’s more! As you link on each one, you may find it is available in petite, regular, tall and even plus size! NYDJ:HaydenGive it a try – link on the Hayden Straight leg in dark enzyme and see what you get! Regular, petite and tall! Plus, you can choose the colors and the wash of the denim. Get your tape measure out and match your numbers with the size chart.

Seriously, don’t say shopping online isn’t an option. I guarantee if you walked into a department store, you would have a tough time finding 29 pair of jeans in the size, style and wash that you are looking for. If you are not yet convinced that we can’t find you a traffic-stopping pair of jeans, then grab 30-minutes on the phone with me and we will do a deep dive online together! Your appointment will generate a questionnaire so our time together will be well spent. I am confident that at the end of 30-minutes you will have a date with the UPS driver, one way or another!

And of course, let’s keep the conversation going below. Comments are golden!

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