Happy New Year BA50’s. You haven’t had an email in your inbox from us in a few weeks as we took a break from social media over the past 8 weeks. My tech guy went abroad and my husband and I went into Nana and Baba mode and loved every second of it.  Between us we now have 5 granddaughters from 6 years to 6 months and it’s been fantastic to spend time with them all.
There’s been lots of time for reflection and intention setting both personally and for BA50. 
You remember when the Slow Food movement was a thing about 20 years ago which started in Italy? The focus was on quality, local farming vs mass production and paying attention to the details. Less noise and more substance was the by-product of that movement.  There were lots of life lessons to be had from that whole movement.
As BA50 has grown up, started in 2011, we are now in our own mid-life and drawing on the less is more theme. Miraculously,  we have grown to over 200K followers on IG, Facebook plus our Subscribers and we are grateful. But that following has not been meteoric or frenzied but moreover steady..
As we embrace the less is more theme, there will be fewer newsletters from us so as not to clutter your inbox this year, perhaps 2 a month, and when we send them, we will continue to share posts and ideas and fashion at that time. 
BA50 is truly embracing the gifts of the unfolding years that brings greater perspective, wisdom and patience. We are on this journey together and that means we encourage you to reach out and send your writings and musings as we would love to consider publishing them.  You can send them to editor@betterafter50.com
I don’t know about you, but as health becomes a bigger topic in our demographic as the years tick on, the time we get to do what we love becomes ever more precious.
We hope as this year begins, you too have set an intention to immerse yourself  in a project, or adventure, or learn something new.  You know…..a reset, a reboot, some kind of an opportunity to grow.
If you want to share your projects with our readers for support or accountability that would be awesome. We will post something on our IG and FB page that you can join in on and you can let us know or you are welcome to send us your project in writing to the above email address.
Our demographic is pretty special. The kids really do look up to us to share our wisdom to help them navigate the world ahead. Of course we don’t know exactly where we are going and some of us may not even know exactly how we got here.  We still have alot of learning ahead and alot to share about what we have learned along the way. 
Here’s to sharing the journey with you all.
With love,

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