We were laughing so hard we could barely stay on our bikes. Ellie and I were circling the island training for the PMC (raising money for the Dana Farber Cancer Center) and after 2 hours the serotonin had kicked in.

“Ellie, I think over the last month we’ve biked and gabbed for a minimum of 30 hours, do you think our husbands are jealous?”

We both laughed.

We’d moved beyond the heavy stuff like family, and kids, politics, climate — ugggh and suddenly we pivoted.

“Ellie, do you think our kids will regret some of the stuff they thought was styling at the moment?

“You mean like the sleeve that 20 something had on her arm at the bar last night?”

“Yes – like how to you even reverse that kind of decision – and think of the cellulite and sagging and bat wings — I mean that is gonna look craaaaazy abstract in 30 plus years.”

“What about the girls doing botox at 30? What’s going to happen in 30 years? I mean who even knows what the effects will be over time?

“Yes, good thing we have our wrinkles.”

And we laughed.

“Yes and what if wrinkles are in style in 20 years?¬† We will be in luck for sure — but those poor kids – I mean with no wrinkles at all.”

“Yup beauty, fashion and style are fickle, we’ve lived through decades of change.”

“I know, like I wish J-Lo had been around when I was in high school so my round butt would have been a sexy ASSet vs something I wanted to dissolve. I could have celebrated that curve but instead I wanted hips like Twiggy and Cher.”

And what about boobs, thank God I didn’t get a boob job. I mean my AA has blossomed to a full B after kids — what if I’d gotten a boob job¬† at 30,¬† I wouldn’t be happy at 60 I can guarantee that!”

And on and on we went. All body parts were fair game.  With a topic like fickle style and beauty we had our entertainment for a good 20 miles.  We jumped from hot pants to mini skirts, from shag hair styles to pixies to long stringy hippy hair.

And then we hit on a topic that made us almost pee in our bike shorts.

What about the¬† “Brazilians: the young girls all get? They have no clue what’s coming late 50’s. We are talking extra skin, flaps and folds and no coverage.¬† ¬†What if crotch hair comes back into style…how do you reverse the electrolysis?

And there was the trigger – the episode in Lena’ Dunham’s show. (Here it is retold best by Glamour).¬† That full bush scene definitely left an imprint!

As told by Glamour…..

“It was episode 3 of the third series of GIRLS and it featured the best bush we’ve seen in ages. Like, for decades.

It belongs to Adam’s sister Caroline, who’s visiting. Hannah and Adam are about to get it on one night when Hannah nips for a casual pre-sex pee, flings open the bathroom door and – WOAH MY GOD – finds Caroline stood there, pant-less. But very much not pube-less.”

I remember Caroline was standing in the doorway and the camera cut to her crotch and she had a full bush which was the “style” back in our 20’s. And now there it was, a flash from the past and it was a shocking moment – blogged about endlessly by viewers.

So we pulled over laughing about this¬† and took a break. And then Ellie urged me — yes she urged me to try a little stand-up comedy riff on this topic.

And so I did, and it was so much fun. And after that experiment  more than ever, I had the utmost respect for Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham and all stand-ups.  But it was so much fun, now I want to sign up for a workshop?

Have you ever tried a little comedy routine off the cuff?¬† If you are feeling brave, please send a 30 second video to us at editor@betterafter50.com if you have a riff about being over 50. We’d love to see it.¬† Ok, so I will go first…..

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