Dear BA50 Reader:

L’Oréal contacted us the other day and we were shocked, giddy and skeptical. OMG, finally we thought – the crème de la crème de beauty has discovered us.

After much to-ing and fro-ing we landed a call with 6 of their top product managers and began the discovery process of how they wanted to connect with our readers. Once again we were in learning mode. They needed some specific questions answered and so do we.

What we want to know from  BA50 readers is what beauty products we are using and how we feel about them.  For example, Foundation or no Foundation? If you are a user — what kind of Foundation do you like to put on your face?

I readily offered my thoughts to our friends at L’Oreal about our demographic of women after 50 and their relationship to Foundation. My research was based on my business partner Ronna’s preferences and my own – Alas, a focus group of 2! Our friends at L’Oréal politely listened.

We decided to dig a little deeper.

So here’s our request dear reader – we are hoping you can help us better understand women at mid life’s attitudes about make-up – specifically Foundation because we actually want to know.

Ronna and I will give you our feedback first:

  1. First of all, we don’t use what we call traditional Foundation. At least we think we don’t.
  2. The reason we say we don’t use Foundation is because we don’t put what we consider to be Kabuki products on our faces – meaning layers of masking products.
  3. We want to look natural – not caked up or packed with product.
  4. Thick Foundation accentuates our lines and creases.
  5. Foundation is messy and rubs off on our clothes.

So – what do we use?

We both love tinted moisturizers with SPF. It looks sheer and clean and protects us from the sun. Full stop.

Aging skin is a reality no one can escape. Exposure to the elements is unavoidable and I’ve yet to meet a woman who doesn’t feel challenged by how their skin is changing.

Girls night out topics generally land on solutions for dark circles in the eye corners; masking smile and frown lines and brow creases, lines around endless tributaries around our mouths and of course, the dark spots from too much sun. How can we smooth out our uneven skin tone? We listen closely when anyone – who looks better than us and is our age– offers a beauty tip. We pull out our i-phones and write down their miracle product or treatment or even their dermatologist’s name.

So if there actually was a product or products that could soften the forward march of time on our faces – hey we’d love to know about it.

After noodling around on “The Google” I found a cool DIY make-up video narrated by a mid-lifer. I’m thinking we should all try making one like this — it would be fun to see what’s happening behind the scenes at our make-up tables.  I found this one  surprisingly mesmerizing to watch.

After you watch this one, we’d love you to tell us if it makes you want to go hit the cosmetic counter. I can’t believe how much stuff this mid-life woman is putting on her face and how natural she looks. I wish it weren’t the case that so many products made such a difference – but she does look way better after the applications.

Now we are hoping you can give us your feedback so we can share it with each other:

Please click here to complete this survey.

Thanks so much for your feedback – at this age we learn from each other so we plan to share the results with you all.


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