BA50's Love JT

BA50’s Love JT

You don’t have to be 20-something to love the MTV VMAs of 2013. If want to get into your kids’ heads – understand what the generation we have raised is thinking about and what moves them – well the MTVs are the “Cliff Notes” into your kids’ minds.

I admit, I have a reason to be  “tuned-in” this year. My boy Cal was there, on the red carpet with Rez  — his group Timeflies was chosen as MTV’s artist to watch:  His song, “I Choose U,” was played as they transitioned into the Video of the Year award. Amazing! (Preview) Yes, I’m a proud Mama and I of course love his music, but I also love the music of this generation…and last night I got an education.

Rocking out in my bedroom last night to the MTV awards I was sure this was a party I wanted to be at. Artist by artist, I was awakened to visuals and sounds that rocked my senses and here’s some of my faves:

Hauntingly Artistic: You’ve got to check out the sheer artistry of Kanye West, his ghost-like arms swimming, like a a gigantic shadow puppet moving to the rhythm of his haunting, sensual performance of “Blood on The Leaves.” Brilliant!  Artistic!  I’m still hitting “replay.”

Outrageous: Botticelli, you should be honored…Gaga’s Venus and her wild oversized Clam Shell Bra – wild hair flying like a windswept maiden fresh from the Odyssey – she captivated my screen as the cameras panned past her time and again. And then of course she performed – brilliantly – rocking through her costume changes – I felt like she was backstage and out on center stage simultaneously. So fun!

Best video with a social message:  “Same Love”  Do you know Macklemore and Ryan Lewis? Never before have I felt the impact of a social message delivered with a pulse that rocks you to your core like this genius rapper’s.  Macklemore’s message: Gay Rights are Human Rights – there is no separation!   (PS: f you’ve ever wondered who’s buying your Salvation Army donations check out his video — over 400 million views: “Thrift Shop.”)

Bruno Mars-Best Male Video: Can we talk about Bruno? – The hat, the eyes, the smile, the drop to his knees explosion of sound and sensuality? He’s got it and I challenge any BA50 woman out there who doesn’t vote for Bruno Mars as the sexiest performer ever.  (Do you think he’s going after our mid-lifer niche?)

Justin Timberlake-Video of the Year:  JT–PLEEZE let me join your Conga line!  Forget about it—I’ll go to Zumba —  I’m betting his choreography is going to make it into a few classes coming to a studio near you soon.  But can he sing, can he move?   Yes, he is our Michael Jackson of today.  And when he accepted his award, guess who he thanked? —  His grandparents! “This is a really special video for me because it’s a tribute to my grandparents,” Timberlake said after accepting the award from Don Jon star Joseph Gordon-Levitt. “My grandfather actually passed away in December. I hope my grandmother is watching right now. This is for you, Granny.”  Whoah…don’t we just love that!

Katy Perry’s “Roar” Finale:  Kickboxing is about to have an uptick with Katy Perry’s finale last night. Her outfit alone will surely revolutionize the sport! I’m getting me some of those shorts and boxing shoes.  Great music, great energy, and a total workout. Calories burned — countless! Ok, if you’re ready to rock out you can watch the entire show On Demand now. Put on your dancing shoes and rock out!

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