Happy Birthday Michelle, Mrs. Obama, FLOTUS! You’ve reached a milestone that all of us BA50s can relate to. And as you walk down that red carpet of midlife you do so with style and grace and a true sense of self.


As the First Lady of the United States you have had to represent, and you have done that job well. The energy with which you have approached the projects you believe in–tackling childhood obesity, supporting members of the armed services and their families–has been boundless and your enthusiasm has been inspirational.


You are now the face of 50…and we are secure in the belief that you will continue to exude confidence and show the world that to be 50 is to be unstoppable. To be 50 is to maximize life’s experiences. To be 50 is to be armed with the knowledge of the past and the desire to forge ahead into the future.


Happy Birthday, Mrs. Obama..and welcome to 50!


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