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The Blix E-bike is fantastic. I tried it out this week and it has great pick up, a fantastic look and is super easy to pedal.

As an avid bike rider — the E-bike phenomenon is certainly a breeze after using my own manual power these past 40 years. It’s not that I’m trading in my road bike, but I totally appreciate the distances to be travelled for casual rioding that this Blix offers.

I plan to use it for errands, short distances and quick outings when I don’t want to gear up in my long distance bike gear.

And, to be totally superficial, I admit to loving the muted yellow color of this bike. It happens to be my number one favorite color this season.

The bike arrived in a box and my husband put it together. I am grateful for that as I’m not one for assembly required instructions. But, he did it and I was able to try it out right away.

I think he is jealous and I may have to get him one too!

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