Never say never!

Thank goodness it’s raining cats and dogs this last weekend in April because we are in a Succession binge dive after resisting this show for so many years.

During Covid when we were hunkered down into some pretty awesome TV series, my husband and I tried to give Succession a go – but we failed after the first 2 episodes in Season 1 and jumped ahead to Season 2;s “Boar on the Floor” episode which was so sick and slimy and cruel that we quit after a little discussion.

“Hey Bill are any these characters likeable?”

“Nope, they are truly despicable and they make me squirm.”

“I don’t know if I can watch hours of greedy 1 percenters grovel for a piece of the pie. Rich spoiled people, drug addicts, that Logan dad – cruel sick dad – that dad who diminishes every one of his kids hour upon hour.”

“I agree — we should pull the plug – somehow the show makes me feel dirty and I feel guilty watching it – as it is somewhat entertaining.”

“Let’s go back to the best of Australian Harlequin style romances and find another Offspring or Place to Call Home or Rake.”

Bill and I had binge watched these feel good schmultzy series with delight and mourned every episodes finale wondering how we would ever find another that was as good.

Now 2 years have passed and Succession has not gone away – quite the opposite. It’s characters have become common vernacular and we are out of the loop.

“So, if you read a review about a Broadway show that everyone says is not to be missed – would you avoid it?”


“Well Succession keeps rising to the top of the most talked about shows everywhere we go.”

“It’s true, people say it’s better even than the Sopranos which had despicables and we loved that show.”

Now that season 4 is in the midst of rolling out new episodes with spoilers everywhere and references to Cruel Dad Logan Roy and his sick Roy fam plus pathetic Tom or Favorite cousin Greg or Shiv — we have decided to jump back in.

What about you? Are you watching? If not yet – here’s the trailer…


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