buying or selling real estateWe are listing our house a week from today. There is very little inventory in my neck of the woods and my neck of the woods is desirable.

Our house is not in the rich part of town. Most of the town is the rich part of town. John Boehner lives less than two miles from us. Just a few turns and we go from a “former speaker of the house” neighborhood to a “Rubber Shoes In Hell” neighborhood.

According to our real estate agent, we’re in a seller’s market right now.

This could go very well for us.

Cross your fingers, send a prayer up to the universe, sacrifice a goat, I don’t care. Just do something because holy shit could we use this break.

The amount of money going out to set this house right makes me feel like vomiting. I have to pay that back, yo.

We’re down to shits and giggles.

I touched up paint this weekend, because I am in purgatory, and my entire life is about touching up paint. I have to finish tomorrow, and by “finish”, I mean I will probably be touching up paint for at least twelve thousand more years.

The home stager came yesterday and hung artwork on my walls I would never pick. The artwork looks fine and pleasing.rental artwork

I don’t like it.

My opinion, in this case, does not matter. We want to sell this house, we want to sell it fast. We want it to appeal to the masses.

So, now our house feels like a rental.

I don’t see any of us in our house anymore.

Aesthetically, the motherf**ker stacks up. But home wise? Not so much.

The home stager hung art work in our living room and master bedroom. See? Now it’s the master bedroom. It’s no longer the mostly messy, cozy little cave Randy and I have shared for 9 years. 

Right now, as you read this, our house is not for sale. Our house is still our house.

A week from now, that will no longer be true.

We are about to get shot out of a cannon.

Still don’t have a single prospect on a replacement house. Our plans for temporary housing are still theoretical, which means we have no f**king plan.

So, you know, it’s going great.

We’re living in a house I no longer recognize. I have no idea where we are going.

Like I said, send up a good thought for us.

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