How lucky to have interview Joan Severance Live on our Better After 50’s FB page. She is a natural…easy to talk to, easy on the advice…and of course a natural beauty.

We were thrilled to hear about these great beauty tips from her.  Watch here….



And here are the products she mentions in our FB Live Video:

Vita Raw Coconut Oil- —-Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Health food stores and some grocers- Look for Raw

Real Sea Salt – most grocers

Here is the low down and how to for this Natural Scrub —

Anastasia of Beverly Hills BROW WIZ brow pencil. Medium Brown (for my tone) – at Sephora and Ulta Beauty – possibly other locations and definitely online. Here is the website—

L’Oreal Voluminous OriginalBlack/Brown Mascara – available at most drug stores and Ulta Beauty

Sorme SmearProof LipLiner ( I use it on my eyes) Natural- #7 – available at Frend’s Beauty Supply

and other beauty supplies – here is the website

Here is the Natural Look Beauty Routine link on my site—

Joan Severance, who was an iconic supermodel in the 80’s. She has just written a book called “Manifest Your Mate: A Journey for Attraction,” which teaches women how to attract “Mr. Right.”

Joan is currently featured in a beauty video on, where she shows women her age-defying beauty routine . Joan inspires women to overcome obstacles and be your best at every age. See below:



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