wake up BA50sWe read an article awhile ago that Brazilians were out of style- that hair down below was back “in.”  On this Fashion Friday, with our Landing Strip article making a big hit in our hair theme, we wanted to get a 20-something perspective.  So this is what we learned from one 20-something who is one of those kids that knows what’s trending:

“While no one enjoys getting waxed down there, and many of us wish it weren’t ‘in’, it is my experience (and of course I’m no expert about hair down there) that most of my girlfriends shave or wax completely.  We do it because we like it better, and because our partners do to.  Moms should know that girls who go to summer camp learn about this at a very young age because they see their 20-year-old counselors naked, and they get confused because they look different than their moms.  And of course, they want to look like their cool counselors.”

Geez, we here at BA50 are glad we don’t have 10 year old going off to overnight camp…all we had to do was talk to our girls about shaving their legs!

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