minimalist baker vegan cheesecakesDid you know Oreo Cookies were vegan? Well, they are, and they form the base of these delicious cheesecakes that are not only “yes-vegan,” but “no-bake.” The recipe comes from the lovely food blog, Minimalist Baker.


Today, I turn 28.

Of the many things I’ve learned I realize the bulk of those lessons have come in the last couple of years.

I‚Äôve learned to trust my instincts and be OK with the unconventional. I‚Äôve learned the importance of¬†doing what I love even if it feels silly. I‚Äôve grown to love food photography even more than I did¬†when we first started this blog. I‚Äôve learned that running a food blog with your spouse¬†can not only be fun but also ridiculously¬†fulfilling. I‚Äôve¬†learned I still love¬†cake¬†and¬†pancakes¬†and¬†simplicity¬†and saying ‚Äúhubba, hubba,‚Ä̬†and probably always will.

Enough about me. This space is about you guys, really. I love to cook and take photos of the things I make and then share them with you all. That is what makes me supremely happy ‚Äď the best birthday gift ever.

To celebrate all of these wonderful things, I made you cheesecakes. Peanut Butter Cup 9-ingredient vegan cheesecakes that scream simplicity: No springform pans, no water baths, no baking (besides the 5-minute crust). Just pure chocolate-peanut butter goodness that even the amateur cook can master.

If you have the ability to blend and pour, you can make these little bites of heaven. All you need is 30 minutes and a muffin tin and you’re golden. (For the recipe, click here.)

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