If you thought you were eating plastic would you swallow — I’m betting you would not! You would gag and spit it out! Well we are all gagging on too much plastic. We are drowning in plastic, in our oceans, on our streets, and even in our food as it enters the food chain.

Let’s show a little love for each other and the environment by giving the gift that helps reduce single use plastics. Love yourself – love your planet — you can just do this and feel better even if you don’t want to gift it to someone else.

Consider this: Every nine minutes, plastic weighing as much as a blue whale (about 300,000 pounds) ends up in the ocean.

Eating plastic isn’t just a little unhealthy. It’s actually toxic since plastic is made of chemicals like bisphenol-A (to name one). Even worse, plastic actually becomes more toxic in the ocean.

How? Plastic acts like a sponge, soaking up pollutants and pesticides from the surrounding sea water. Those concentrated toxins get passed up the food chain as big animals eat smaller ones, paying it forward in the worst possible way.

We have all seen garbage bins spilling over with plastic bottles and containers — hopefully in our recycling bins — but it’s not always contained. Pollution from plastic has accelerated and we can see it in our everyday lives. Our lettuce and tomato containers are plastic boxes, the grocery bags are all plastic unless you request paper, small plastic cups are a dime a dozen and are discarded way too easily.

We can begin helping at home and at work and in our recreational facilities where they hand out plastic. If your “work out place” hands out plastic bottles ask them to STOP! If they have plastic bags for wet bathing suits or purchases ask them if they would consider to eliminate that. Get creative and ask.

And, even better you can gift your love of helping our planet this Valentines Day by giving these gifts to loved ones and to yourself. Here’s some ideas….

1. Reuse your cup—I love my Yeti. You can carry your Yeti everywhere and never use a plastic cup. “It’s socially acceptable to carry one.” Give your friends a Yeti and encourage them to use it as well.

Ice Cold All Day Long With This Yeti

2. BUY ROTHY’S The founders have repurposed 20 million plastic bottles into ROTHY’S FLATS:  “From the very beginning, we have built sustainability into our DNA, and have done so in four ways: 1) We use recycled plastic water bottles to create our shoes. 2) Our production process yields barely any waste. 3) We carry very little inventory, so we avoid overproduction. 4) Durable, washable shoes mean customers are able to wear our designs longer.

Garnet Reflective Stripe
Mocha Spot Loafer $165

3. Keep Canvass Tote bags in your car for shopping. You will remember to carry them with you if you become attached to them. Treat yourself to one whose message tickles your fancy. I love this one.


4. Try not to buy your lettuce or product wrapped in plastic. Fruits and vegetables don’t need to be swathed in plastic or vacuum sealed on a styrofoam tray to stay fresh. Most often they come pre-packaged in their own peel, skin or rind anyway.

5. No more plastic straws! I live on Martha’s Vineyard 5 months a year and I’m proud to say they have imposed a plastic bag ban on the island as well as eliminating plastic straws. Maybe you can lead the charge in your community to eliminate single use plastic bags and introduce paper straws as an alternative?

6. Buy a 4ocean Bracelet for everyone you love. By purchasing this bracelet, you will remove one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines. Read the story of how Alex and Andrew Committed to Cleaning Up Plastics For Our Oceans.

Read the story of how Alex and Andrew Committed to Cleaning Up Plastics For Our Oceans
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