Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and if you have no idea what to ask for or what to give your loved one, Better After 50 has scoured the Internet, finding the best Valentine’s Day gift suggestions for women 50 and over. Whether you’re giving a gift to a close girlfriend or compiling a list of hints to drop, our V-day gift guide will help you find that something special. If you would like your product featured on any of our Better After 50 gift guides, please get in contact with us! We are constantly adding to all of our gift guides and have many additional ways to partner with BA50 as well.

Every woman loves to receive jewelry (am I right?) and the highly coveted¬†Gretchen earrings¬†by¬†Sissy Yates Designs¬†are the perfect gift for all ages.¬†Featured on Good Morning America, they come in a variety of 5 different colored crystal stones (blue,¬†ruby,¬†green,¬†purple¬†and¬†clear) with gold plated brass and surgical steel posts (no lead or nickel – allergy free!), and come packaged in matching organza pouches. Even better – they’re currently marked down to $19 (from $68) while supplies last.

Sissy Yates Designs Gretchen Earrings in Blue

Sissy Yates Designs Gretchen Earrings in Blue

Give your partner a gift he will never forget!¬†Gypsy Rose Dancing¬†in Allston, MA hosts exotic lap dance and striptease courses (like the couples friendly Lap Dance for Lovers), private Champagne Room Lap Dancing classes, and pole dancing lessons regardless of what size, age, weight, shape or strength you are. If you find yourself single this Valentine’s Day, attend the Gypsy Rose Valentine’s Day Single and Bitter Class, where you can dress up in crazy club costumes (totally optional), and learn a sexy floor routine, three airborne pole swings, a Chair Dance routine, and how to pick up a dollar bill without hands. Both this gift and you will share the same quality – absolutely irresistible!

Gypsy Rose Pole Dancing

Get in touch with your sexy side at Gypsy Rose Dancing in Allston

Combining illumination and scent with deliciously luxurious sensations, the multi-purpose¬†JimmyJane‚Äôs AfterGlow Massage Oil Candles¬†from¬†Bloom¬†are the perfect sexy gift to add a dash of spice and a big dose of anticipation.¬†Create a sensuous Valentine’s Day experience to remember.¬†$30, for¬†House of Bloom Members¬†$27

JimmyJane AfterGlow Massage Oil Candle

JimmyJane AfterGlow Massage Oil Candle from Bloom

Memories are priceless but maybe your keepsakes are stored on archaic technological devices, making it impossible to access them without a projector, VCR, or other outdated system. YesVideo transfers your vintage VHS tapes and film reels to digital and DVD so you can watch, relive and share your precious memories. How romantic would it be to watch your wedding vows from way back when on your flatscreen?  Get 20% off your entire order with promo code BA50 (Expires: 2/23/2014) and have that dream become a reality.


Transfer your VHS to DVD at 20% off your entire order with Yes Video- special BA50 promotion

A Bella Sant√©¬†Gift Card makes the perfect Valentine‚Äôs Day gift — one that no one returns and everyone remembers!¬† Gift cards are available in any denomination, and recipients can then choose from a relaxing signature Provence Massage, one of the results-oriented Medical Grade Facials, or anything in between.¬† And for a limited time, receive an additional $25 free with the purchase of any gift card valued at $200 or more!

A gift card from Bella Sante in Wellesley for a spa treatment or service

A gift card from Bella Sante, with three locations in the Boston area, for a spa treatment or service

Try a unique spin on an old classic this Valentine’s Day, like the¬†Not Tiffany’s Heart Necklace¬†from¬†Lisa Monahan Metal Works. It is not your run-of-the-mill heart charm; it’s fresh, edgy and daring‚Ķsort of like you!¬†Each¬†Not Tiffany’s Heart¬†is a one-of-a-kind sterling silver charm necklace, handmade in the USA, and just $50.

The Not Tiffany's Heart Necklace from Lisa Monahan sets you apart from the crowd this Valentine's Day

The Not Tiffany’s Heart Necklace from Lisa Monahan Metal Works

The Fragrance Bar¬†in Newburyport, MA has put together a special¬†Better After 50 2014 Cupid’s Collection¬†gift basket¬†to truly live a life “Better After 50.” Containing essential oils, aphrodisiac scents, luscious chocolate mocha soap, soothing organic teas, and a simple tea maker, the¬†Cupid Collection¬†(priced at $75)¬†is sure to lessen stress and improve your mind, body and spirit! Beyond Valentine’s Day, The Fragrance Bar can help¬†confront common symptoms of menopause and andropause with their¬†NBTD¬†essential oils,¬†Lilyput Tea House¬†organic teas¬†and¬†fragrance bar¬†chemical free personal care products¬†(…and, of course, these products and oils are best paired with our¬†Better After 50 Menopause Survival Kit!)

2014 Cupid Collection betterafter50

The Better After 50 2014 Cupid Collection Gift Basket from The Fragrance Bar, featuring fragrances, teas, and more

If you’ve collected all the candles, costume jewelry and knick-knacks¬†you can possibly use,¬†Dayton Home¬†in Wellesley, MA¬†stocks books from today’s top designers all-year long.¬†Great for giving to gal pals, life loves¬†or for self-gifting, these¬†books have the ability to take us away to desirable locations and show us exceptional d√©cor that inspires.

Books from Dayton Home are a great gift for accessorizing where you live

Books from Dayton Home in Wellesley are a great gift for accessorizing where you live

The heart collection by¬†Caroline Gardner, a favorite of¬†Pine Straw¬†shop owner, Tracy Cranley, offers whimsical yet sophisticated prints. Her gorgeous line of products make the perfect gift for you or your Valentine this month (or any time!): ¬†from desk books, to pens and notebooks to the perfect coffee mug. It’s hard NOT to think of Valentine’s Day when seeing these heart patterned products at¬†Pine Straw in Wellesley, MA!

Caroline Gardner products at Pine Straw Shop in Wellesley

Caroline Gardner’s heart collection at Pine Straw Shop in Wellesley

When you receive one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted accessories as a gift, the time, devotion, and dedication to the piece of jewelry is present in the final product. These¬†Fair Trade Bracelets from Better After 50 in Liquid Silver, $36,¬†are handmade in Nepal and unlike any other bracelet in stores. Your purchase of these bracelets help women in Nepal as profits from these sales go back to the women who made them. Staying stylish while supporting a good cause? Sounds like a double threat Valentine’s Day gift to me!

Fair Trade Handmade Bracelets in Liquid Silver ‚Äď made in Nepal

Fair Trade Handmade Bracelets in Liquid Silver ‚Äď made in Nepal

If you’re keeping up with the¬†Bad Ass Goals¬†you set for yourself and with¬†Better After 50,¬†wouldn’t it be great to receive the gift of fitness?¬†¬†Spynergy¬†has been providing the very best indoor cycling (otherwise known as “spin”) classes in Wellesley, MA since 2005. 40 classes a week feature a unique studio, ¬†high energy instructors, inspirational music and the best calorie-burning workout ever. 3 classes are $29 but the impact is long lasting…for both you and your Valentine.

Spynergy Cycling Studio, Wellesley, MA

Spynergy Cycling Studio in Wellesley, MA

29 Cosmetics founder Lydia Mondavi sources grape seed oil straight from Napa Valley in her line of beneficial cosmetic products protecting the skin from aging. 29 Cosmetics gives the gift of beauty and reversing the hands of time and is on sale at this week at 40% off. Gloss48 is the one-stop destination to discover and shop fabulous beauty brands and you can enter our Beauty Giveaway with Gloss48 to receive must-have new beauty products just in time for Valentine’s Day.

29 Cosmetics founder Lydia Mondavi sources grape seed oil straight from Napa Valley, "Every product in our cosmetic bag should be beneficial and protect our skin from aging."

Moist, flavorful, colorful and delicious;¬†red velvet cookies¬†are the perfect gift for your valentine!¬†Cookies For A Koz¬†was created in honor of owner Roberta Wilson’s mom, Audrey Koz, who was the magical cookie maker in her family. ¬†A percentage¬†of all sales is donated to the¬†Starlight Children’s Foundation¬†in her memory, spreading your love to children in need, too.

Red Velvet Cookies from Cookies for a Koz

Red Velvet Cookies from Cookies for a Koz


Traveling abroad and escaping daily routine and the cold winter months is a gift many mid-lifer women dream of. But sticking with your fitness regime while on vacation always presents itself as a challenge. ¬†Ciclismo Classico Bike Tours¬†offers trips to many European countries, touring the land with a native guide by bicycle! Wouldn’t it be nice to look forward to a trip in a romance language’s country (like France or Spain), pedaling your way through the landscape? View Ciclismo Classico’s different tours¬†to¬†book your adventure.

Plan a trip with Ciclismo Classico

Plan a trip with Ciclismo Classico

Cuddling up to your partner while enjoying a Valentine’s Day cocktail can be fodder for a fire of passion that could melt ice.¬†Maintained at a refreshing 21ňöF,¬†FROST ICE BAR¬†is New England‚Äôs only and the world’s largest permanent indoor ice bar where the entire surroundings from the walls and bar, to the furniture and drink glasses are constructed of ice.¬†FROST ICE BAR¬†is something like you’ve never seen before:¬†walls are glistening and washed in ever-changing color, hand carved furniture and sculptures, and the glasses promise to keep your drink perfectly chilled, even during a hot night on the town.

FROST ICE BAR is quite literally the coolest and most unique bar in Boston!

FROST ICE BAR is literally the coolest and most unique bar in Boston


The Book Of Everything– It’s GOT IT ALL! ¬† The Perfect Gift for the Woman (or man) who has everything!
Because they probably want to know everything, too, right? ¬†Want to know how to wear a kilt, kiss a stranger, prevent a hangover, get out of a sinking car, eat a lobster, greet an alien, predict the weather, play croquet and much, much more? ¬†Open the book! Dive in and learn something new. ¬†You’ll love it.



What are you wearing for Valentine‚Äôs Day? Discover the super-soft tops from Covered Perfectly that are guaranteed to get you so many compliments, you might make your date jealous! You will love the way these tops feel against your skin and, even more so, you’ll love the way you feel when you check yourself out in the mirror. Covered Perfectly tops are already Better After 50 approved and the red top featured below makes us think of all things Valentine’s Day!

Covered Perfectly

Covered Perfectly provides flattering tops for a gift or to wear on your Valentine’s Day date

Enjoy a little intelligence with your indulgence? Creamy, all-natural Good Karmal caramel offers a¬†thought-provoking quotation wrapped around each individual caramel, which comes in melt-in-your-mouth flavors like Vanilla Sea Salt and Caf√© Caramel. Gorgeous gift packaging is the perfect topper to this one-of-a-kind gift and is a great alternative to candies typically offered on Valentine’s Day.

Candy is always a wise decision but Good Karmal caramel wraps wisdom into the cute packaging.

There can never be enough puns for karma, especially since the word-playing brands are usually all about promoting positive energy, empowerment by knowledge, and spirituality. Better After 50 loves the Good Charma¬†sterling silver bracelets and charms; they suggest “paying it forward” by setting each charm on its own strand for easy transfer to a friend or loved one so that you can share the gift or jewelry and positivity. Sharing love is just as good as receiving love, if not better!

good charma ba50 contest

Heart and Tassel Good Charma Bracelet

A bouquet of flowers is always an appreciated gesture but real flowers eventually wilt and find their sad stems in the trash. Colorful and stylish, the Better After 50 Suzani style boots¬†are a fabulous Valentine’s Day gift that¬†will bloom brightly in your wardrobe for as long as you keep them there. $80

Suzani style boots, brought to you by Better After 50

Suzani style boots, brought to you by Better After 50

The Better After 50 Girlfriend Bar, a dark chocolate with sea salt, is a great sweet Valentine’s Day treat for your girlfriends who stand by you through thick and thin: the varying waistlines, rise and fall of fashionable shoulder pads, husbands, and exes. Whether your BFF is your confidante or your fellow single pal this V-Day, no one can resist this first-sweet then-savory token of your appreciation of their friend-love.

Better After 50's Girlfriend Bar

Better After 50’s Girlfriend Bar


If you want to dress comfortably after the wine, dinner, and dessert you consume with your Valentine,¬†Mariwear lounge and sleepwear¬†is an excellent gift to receive. Stocked with plenty of shape forming nighties, camis, and “short n’ sweet” lounge shorts, you can show off your natural curves without worrying about wires from flimsy corsets poking your ribs or ill-fitting store bought lingerie made for a younger you. The¬†Little Black Nightie¬†($66) emulates the sleek staple dress every woman has in her closet for a sophisticated (and yet comfortable!) sleepwear option.

Mariwear Loungewear/Sleepwear


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