There are many perks that come with being an image consultant, personal stylist, author and speaker. The main perk is meeting fabulous women everyday. Whether it is someone who has found me online, been referred by other happy clients, has read one of my many articles on BA50 or my weekly style blog or has even purchased my book on Amazon from somewhere around the globe – I eventually manage to ‘meet’ them. Meet them online, engage in complimentary consults, exchange photos or ideas, speak at their corporate offices or wind up in their closets! No matter the gateway to entry – the bottom line is, it is fabulous! This week was no different. In addition to my regular social ying yang – Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn – I attended two terrific women’s conferences this week – at one I was a speaker at and the other I was an exhibitor, giving me the opportunity to both give and receive. My conversations were enjoyable and enlightening (women are such good sharers)!

The second major perk from helping clients figure out their wardrobes and how to shop with purpose, is that it helps me as well!

I just returned from an amazing vacation in the British Virgin Islands. Much to my delight, as I searched, shopped and blogged for others, I found all of my vacation ‘must-haves’ and it was a clear and concise short list and I actually wore what I brought (with the exception of the mandatory white ankle jeans) because it was too freiking hot – like we didn’t know that was going to happen!

I’ll share my insider summer wear secret – Athleta is awesome! Their products are good quality, their customer service is top notch, their catalogues are spot on and their website is clean, clear and concise – what’s not to like? I like it so much I am going to be holding a few private events in their stores in the upcoming months. Key words here – private events. Email me if you would like to be on that list – subject line Private Event.

Here’s my short list for Island traveling – by category of course. I know you frequent readers are rolling your eyes now!

Starting from the bottom up – another common theme.

One pair of walking sandals – they don’t have to be beautiful – they have to be comfortable, waterproof and packable. I brought Merrels.

One pair of snazzy lightweight breathable sneakers – for Full Moon beach parties when your toes might need a bit more protection from the moon drinkers…wink, wink. I brought my
Ellen Degeneres sneaks.

One pair of amazingly lightweight loose fitting navy ankle pants -perfect for the airports, the cold planes and airport photo opps as seen here with my fav Steph Curry! 2 pair of swim shorts – one black, one navy – for bopping around the Islands and ocean dipping in between – they dry in minutes!

For tops I brought a matching navy cross strap tankini swimsuit top that of course matched the shorts and allowed for quick dips in the aqua waters and picked up a shirred band bottom for days when I wanted to be a bit more ‘cheeky’ at the pool (but I always had my swim skirt handy in my bag for let’s say, after a poolside lunch!

Then of course there were all the other activities in the dangerous and damaging sunshine. I sported this sleeveless top over my swimsuit to keep my back from being burned while snorkeling and sported the long sleeved top while sailing from amongst the Islands.

Then of course you need a zip-up windbreaker for if and when the weather whips up! Throw a bright white topper in the mix!

Lastly – something soft and cozy for hanging out under the stars – this beyond soft sweatshirt will become your summer staple!

And the only two accessories you need are your matching Swell bottle and a fabulous big hat to protect your face and hide your beach hair!

That’s it! You are dressed and all of these items fit in a carry-on! Who wants to waste Island time standing at baggage claim! Pack your bags with purpose and take lots of pics!

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