With the intense summer sun and the health of your skin at daily risk, we are excited to combine fashion with the ultimate UV protection for your skin. Whether outdoors for summer vacation, sports, work or travel, it is time to invest in some fashionable clothing that will provide better sun protection for your skin. From sun coats to cooling shawls, here are some beneficial sun protection clothing to keep your skin fine and smooth to avoid premature aging!

Summer Sun Coats for Women Girls, Anti-uv Sun Protection Face Neck Flap Cover Hanging Gauze Mask Lotus Cuff Long Sleeve Driving Riding Beach Sunscreen Shade Scarf Cool Skin Care Jackets Visor (Grey)

This cool, thin coat offers the ultimate UV protection with a flexible neck & face cover mask to give your skin a break from the sun when spending all day outdoors. Stretchy, cool, and skin-friendly, this is an essential accessory for outdoor activities.

Amazon $7.98

ATTRACO Ladies Zipper Rash Guard Women Athletic uv Swim Shirt Aqua Medium

Featuring a front zipper for easy on/off and a crew neck rash guard top, this sleek and stylish aqua blue swim shirt is perfect for sun protection at the beach and in the water.

Amazon $26.99

From golfing to cycling to mountain hiking, this anti-UV cooling shawl is perfect for all active women in the summer sun. Effectively resisting 99.99% of the UV, this comfortable, breathable, cooling material will protect your skin from freckles, dark spots, dullness and peeling.

Amazon $14.99

BALEAF Women's Long Sleeve Hiking Sun Protection Shirts SPF Outdoor Fishing Shirt White XL

With rolled up sleeves and buttons, this sun protection shirt is perfect for hiking or any outdoor activity. The convertible sleeves are rolled up and fastened with a button label, changing the length of the sleeve at any time to suit the environment.

Amazon $28.99

Breathable, light, and made for active wear, these cooling leggings are made to cool your skin and prevent sun damage to your skin. Perfect with a skirt or shorts, wear these for yoga, golf, or just casual wear.

Amazon $12.99

This outdoor performance long sleeve with UPF 50+ fabric rating provides excellent protection against harmful ultraviolet rays. Get it in your favorite color and rock it outdoors while being confident that your skin is staying beautifully healthy.

Amazon $17.99

Baleaf Women's Long Sleeve Half-Zip Sun Protection Rashguard Side Adjustable Swim Shirt White Size XL

Long sleeve sun protection, rash guarding, and adjustable for swim, this shirt is a must have for all outdoor summer lovers. Wear it in the surf or as a beach cover up, for a cute, comfortable, sun protecting look.

Amazon $27.99

Chic and sporty, this simple black swimwear and sun protection top will go with just about anything. Made to cool you down and protect your skin, this top will deflect those UV rays and keep you comfortable for swimming, surfing, kayaking and so much more!

Amazon $20.99

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