shocked mom on phoneThe other day I came across a Buzzfeed “Listicle” (an article that is a list) that gave me a chuckle. The post was titled, “46 Questions Every Twentysomething Still Asks Their Mom,and it got over 2 million views.

Right then, I decided I needed an awesome list of my own, because I would sure like 2 million views (I’ll settle for a million…and yes, I’ve added the required gifs to make it even more interesting.)

I asked my 3 twenty-something kids for help with the list. Two of my children ignored the email completely. The third replied to my email with no text, just a link to an article totally dissing Listicles entitled, I Am Off To Write The Great American Listicle” by Stanley Emmerich. Totally worth a click.

So I was on my own with my Listicle, ultimately needing no help from my original sources. And this is what I came up with:

27 Questions No Twenty-Something Will Ever Ask Their Mom:
1. Mom, would you like to borrow MY favorite shoes?
2. Mom, can I have one of the old Mr. Coffee machines in the basement-paying for coffee every day seems stupid, don’t you think?
starbucks cheers
3.…and what did YOU have for dinner last night, mom?
4. Mom, why was your bedroom door locked in the middle of a Saturday afternoon?
5. Mom, why aren’t you my Facebook friend?
6. Mom, did you happen to notice that sweater I charged on your credit card?
7. Mom, be completely honest with me…what do you really think about my girlfriend?
8. Mom, could you help me figure out what’s wrong with my computer?
9. Mom, how about you and dad come to the crazy party I’m having this weekend?
listicles after 50

10. Mom, do you have a few minutes to discuss why I decided to get off the pill?
11. Mom, can you help me decide whether I should get a heart or a butterfly tattooed on my shoulder?
12. Do you want to join my friends and me for Bungee jumping?
13. Mom, isn’t it about time I got off the family cell phone plan?
14. Do you think I drive too fast?
15. Mom, could you tell I was really high last night when we were talking on the phone?

16. Tongue or nipple piercing…which do you think is a better look for me?
17. Oh, mom, silly me…did I forget to text you back?
18. Where do you get those pretty checks with the flowers on them?
19. Can you help me with my iPhone?
20. Mom, why don’t you ask me a few more details about my sex life?
21. Why don’t you tell me the details of your sex life?
22. What’s the best way to iron a tablecloth?
23. Mom, what apps have you tried lately that you really love?
24. Do you have any suggestions for what I should watch on TV?
25. Mom, how do you think I should arrange the furniture in my apartment?
26. Mom, what does that acronym mean?
27. Do you need any help with YOUR work, mom?

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