So it turns out we don’t have to stay in anymore but we choose to and there’s nothing better than a great binge! Lately my girlfriends and I have been sharing our favorite shows again and here’s what is coming up.

Shrinking is pure joy and so far there are 9 episodes…Every Thursday they role out a new episode and the next one is March 24th. We aren’t sure how many there will be.  Love this show and always feel good watching every short (30 Plus minute) episode.

Starring Jason Segel and Harrison Ford and more on Apple TV+. Subscription required. Jimmy, a grieving therapist.

Jimmy (Jason Segel) is a mess, and has been since his wife, Tia (Lilian Bowden), died unexpectedly a year ago. He spends his nights sublimating the pain with booze and pills, leaving his also-grieving teen daughter, Alice (Lukita Maxwell), to be parented by his blunt next-door neighbor, Liz (Christa Miller) who is hilarious.

His boss Paul (Harrison Ford) and newly divorced colleague Gabby (Jessica Williams) are incredible.


Ok what about a really good Zombie program from HBO Max.  For some reason I’m into this post apocalyptic stuff and this show is pretty brutal. The world ended frankly because people went mad crazy on one particular day because of all the additives in our food – people started eating each other — YUCK! We may all have to give up gluten. 

We fall for the main hunky character Joel Miller (Pedro Pascal)  and Ellie (Bella Ramsey)  a young girl who are survivors against all odds as they journey through time as the saviors.

If you can deal with the some pretty violent but clearly Hollywood manipulated scenes – this series which airs each Sunday has reached it’s finale so if you can handle it — you can binge it all.


The Reluctant Traveler is Hilarious from Apple TV. Everyone is laughing along with  76 year old Eugene Levy who hates to travel but goes from Finland to the Maldives over the course of the series. If you are a Eugene Levy Fan which I am you are going to love indulging in this one.

From Netflix — The Law According to Lidia Poet is next on my list. It’s a true story about one of the first lawyers in Italy “of the daily injustices for which she fought, of her fierce defense of the innocent, of the studies and investigations to discover the truth and the revolution that has taken place in the world of jurisprudence thanks to her.

It  looks incredible and the the kind of women’s empowerment against all odds and love story as well,  I could get lost in. S0…. I’m going to try it next and plan to start binging this afternoon! It opens with a good hot scene so it should be a fun afternoon. I Hope it’s good. Will keep you posted on this.



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