You may want to read more here, but in case you missed it…TripAdvisor has named the 10 Best Airlines in the world…and no surprise– neither Delta nor United made the cut (apparently you don’t get any points for dragging customers off a plane after over booking.  And if you need a laugh today, check out the new slogans that are trending for #newunitedairlinesmottos… for example, “we treat you like you treat our luggage.”

Only two U.S. airlines made the list– Go JetBlue and Alaska Airlines!

Here are the results:

Top 10 Airlines in the World:

1.      Emirates, United Arab Emirates
2.      Singapore Airlines, Singapore
3.      Azul, Brazil
4.      JetBlue, United States
5.      Air New Zealand, New Zealand
6.      Korean Air, South Korea
7.      Japan Airlines, Japan
8.      Thai Smile, Thailand
9.      Alaska Airlines, United States
10.  Garuda Indonesia, Indonesia

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