As anyone who has ever been a parent will tell you, having a family is one thing, but bringing them together into a truly connected family unit is another thing entirely.

As anyone who has ever been a parent will tell you, having a family is one thing, but bringing them together into a truly connected family unit is another thing entirely.

Sometimes it feels like life gets in the way, you don’t have the time you wish you did for family time, and before you know it, your teenagers are huddled across the house from you with their faces buried in their phones.

It doesn’t have to be like that, and it’s never too late to draw your family inward and guide them into being closer than ever.  Let’s take a look at some of the most valuable parenting advice that will transform your family into more than a bunch of people living under the same roof.

The ordinary moments are often what matter most.

Family sitting in field

You expect those fun-filled family vacations to top your list of favorite memories.  But life is full of many simple things as well.

You and your family might think of those trips to the grocery store, rides to school or sports, and chore time as tedious obligations, but those can actually be some of the most valuable family bonding moments.  

Many adults look back on their lives and realize that as lovely as the vacations, weddings, and graduations were, some of their most cherished memories came during the routine times when nobody was expecting anything special to happen.

Be careful not to get too punchy with your words.

Some parents find it easier to interact with their kids by giving them a soft verbal jab to let them know when they made a small mistake or other silly moves.  The problem many parents don’t realize is kids have a tendency to be more sensitive than adults.

And, while they may not say anything at the moment, sometimes those words can hurt and drive a wedge between you and them.  Know when to draw the line and realize your kid isn’t finding it funny anymore.

Make sure you get enough time alone with each of your kids.

Father sleeping with baby

Even though being together is obviously one of the critical parts of creating a close-knit family unit, it’s essential that you spend solo time with each of your kids as well.  It’s easy and not at all uncommon for some kids to just naturally interact more with you than others, and you don’t want any of the kids who don’t need as much attention to feel like you value your time with them as much as you do their siblings.

Emphasize the importance of having each other’s backs.

One of the greatest things about being part of a close family is taking comfort in the knowledge that no matter what life throws at you, you’re not going to go through it alone.  Always stress the importance of unity within the family, and encourage your kids to look out for each other, help one another out if possible, and ask if everything is okay if someone looks like they have something on their mind.

Laughter really is the best medicine.

Humor isn’t just a great way to keep everyone in high spirits, it also performs important practical functions in a family unit.  For one, it builds a closeness between family members if they feel like they can joke around with one another. Also, it helps de-escalate more difficult interactions like arguments between siblings.  Laughter not only helps put an end to those interactions but helps repair the relationship afterward as well.

Family dinner is a must.

Family having dinner

The traditional family supper where everyone gathers at the dinner table seems to have become something of a lost artifact of an earlier time.  It shouldn’t because it’s one of the most crucial times for families to be families, to talk about what’s going on in their lives, and grow familiarity with one another’s day-to-day lives that might not otherwise develop.

Make sure you and your spouse get couple time alone as well.

The genesis of your family is the relationship between you and your spouse, and you not only owe it to each other, but also to your families to make sure you keep the bond strong with one another.  Date night, or even just getting a babysitter to watch the kids while you have an in night can help you maintain the close marriage, you need to keep a close family.


Forging a strong bond amongst the members of your family isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely something most parents desire.  By following the tips above, you’ll make sure everyone gets the face time, support, and encouragement they need to become the close-knit family you know they can, and should, be.

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