tranquilityNow that I’m old enough to have wrinkles, I realize that a major joy of the 50+ life stage is the ability to give myself permission to just be. Time to sit and ponder my plans or simply to reflect on my many blessings is a gift, but I didn’t always internalize this idea. The morning I woke extremely frazzled and confused I knew I needed to take advantage of this gift-in-waiting. I was forced to ask why I frequently feel so rushed or busy and––horrors––how can I slow down.

It was quite clear to me that our kids have their own busy lives, that my husband is content and capable in what he chooses to do, and I have work I love doing. Best of all, I can do this work on my own timetable. “So why,” I ask,  “am I often frazzled?” My answer––“You do it to yourself”––moved me toward starting each day in quiet meditation and contemplation. I don’t always succeed, but when I do the day is more pleasant––and usually more productive. Certainly it is more satisfying.

Today as I sat in my favorite viewing spot to the outside world, I was struck by the morning calm and its unique beauty. The sun peeped through a cloud, and I was reminded of a quote I had read by Russell Bishop. I printed it a week or two ago because I had found it inspirational but never truly understood its significance before this Aha moment.

The quote reads, “ My seemingly impossible good is happening now.” I had focused on it because I was discouraged about something and thought this would shore up my mood. This morning the thought flashed before me and I assimilated its true meaning into my whole being––it suddenly became real and part of every fiber of who I am. I realized that, the thought of impossible good could shore up my confidence, but more important, it was telling me that there is good in every moment, and I can live with it as much as I choose.  My awakening may not have been so profound had I been involved in my typically rushed morning. My usual routine of a quick breakfast, some laundry or other task, an hour or so of work and then to the gym before settling down for the project of the day didn’t leave room for quietness.

What a gift––and how energized I feel for having taken the time to let it come to me.

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