tortelilni salad

Cold pasta salad is a great make-ahead dish that can easily be served “on the road.” Using mini ravioli, or in this case, tortellini, jazzes it up a bit. And, if you really want the crowd to go wild, multi-colored pasta made with spinach, carrots, or beets, will add flavor and even more color. The recipe was submitted by one of BA50’s writers, Jackie DeMuro, who says, “This recipe is so easy that even my husband could make it…not that he has, but the point is, he COULD.” Also included are some alternate ways to serve the salad, attesting to the fact that it is also “extremely versatile and very filling.”

Tortellini Salad

1 lb. frozen (we used Rosina brand) tri-color cheese tortellini
2 bags frozen vegetables (California mix or whatever you like), defrosted, but not cooked
1 small box frozen corn (off the cob!), defrosted, but not cooked
1/2 cup Greek olives, pitted
1 large bottle Italian dressing (or Balsamic Vinaigrette), chilled
8 oz. Pecorino/Romano cheese, grated or shaved
salt and freshly ground black pepper
In a large pot of salted, boiling water, cook the tortellini until al dente. Drain and pour into a large serving bowl. Cool to room temperature. Toss the cooled tortellini together with the vegetables and salad dressing. Add salt and pepper to taste. Top with¬†grated or shaved Pecorino/Romano. That’s it!
Mexican-style: add black beans and salsa
Antipasto: Add diced ham and salami, whole pepperoncini, strips of roasted peppers, and substitute salsa for Italian dressing
Make it a main dish by adding cooled grilled chicken or shrimp!



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