old-navy-dressed-like-a-lawyer-featuring-julia-louis-dreyfus-large-2Back to school – whether you have kids, don’t have kids, watch TV, read magazines or get your style fix from the highway billboards, you can’t escape the back-to-school push.

Here’s my takeaway from this deluge. The hot fashion trend is for the kids to show off their personality.

What? What about us? When is the last time your boss, your spouse, your dress code or your peers actually said, “Hey Mildred, get dressed with some personality for God’s sake!”

My favorite campaign is the Old Navy commercial featuring the forever funny Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the swanky mom dropping Hunter, her lawyer looking pre-teen, off at school. He declares, “Why can’t I just look like them?”

How many times have you caught yourself thinking out loud – why can’t I just look like them?

Reading a recent rag sheet I came across this quote from Francisco Costa, the creative director of The Calvin Klein Collection, “I see this season’s woman being daring and sophisticated, yet sporty and free-spirited.”

Yes, let’s embrace this as our back-to-personality mantra.

Let’s shop with purpose by combining looks and trends to let your personality shine through.

Here are a few key Fall fashion trends that you can pull inspiration from.

MilitaryStyle/PinterestThe Military Trend

Always neat, always tidy and always well tailored. But of course, what true soldier was ever seen with his jacket unbuttoned? The runways are full of military inspired tops and jackets which feature hammered buttons, epaulets and utility pockets. Not a fan of embellishing your top half? Introduce this trend to your wardrobe in the form of belts, bags and even boots with grommets.

The Tweed Trendnet-a-porter.com

This traditional menswear fabric is showing up in all categories – most with fringe accents to give it that feminine touch. Look for capes, long vests, short skirts and even tweed edged handbags. Do you have an old-boring-fitted-dusty tweed jacket in your closet? Take it to the tailor for a makeover – you’d be amazed what they can do by cutting that jacket into swatch pieces – who knows – that perfect vest might be hiding under that now sleeveless jacket! Be sure to save the buttons before tossing the sleeves!

landsend.comThe Suede Trend

Bits and pieces of this vintage gem can really pop an outfit and bring together decades of style. Suede and fringe seem in sync this season like salt and pepper, but don’t feel you have to embrace both simultaneously. Pick up a chamois shirt, leave the top few buttons undone and pop it with a new pair of dark wash jeans complete with a flair and you are ready to rock! Scour around in your closet for something suede, no doubt you’ll find a bucket bag, belt, a pair of boots or even a vest you could repurpose. Oh what I would give to still have my purple suede knee length vest from high school! How could I possibly have thought that would never come back?

Topshop/PinterestThe Brocade Trend

This metallic embossed woven-silk material has been around for centuries, hopefully not in your closet. This Fall the trend is showing up from head to toe. However unless you are slight of frame and 6’ tall, less is more when it comes to donning this rich fabrication. Go for clean structured lines like slim skirts, pencil pants and pointy high heels. You may think brocade is meant for the Museum gala but it also works great in the form of accessories as weekend-wear with your jeans. Think brocade bucket bags, belts, scarves or ballet flats.


The Color Trend

Fashion Week 2015 showcased 21 colors in deep rich hues and muted tones with the ever-present black and white duo bookending the list. Check your closet for color variety and if it is devoid of that, consider shopping for these – black, grey, brown, orange, red, plum, violet, pink, purple, navy, blue, mint, teal, green, citron, yellow, blush, steel, rust, olive and white.

Texture/PinterestPick up a color wheel at any art supply or craft store as it can help you figure out which colors in your wardrobe can be mixed and matched. First, simply look at colors that are opposite on the color wheel, for example, purple and yellow or blue and orange. These opposite colors work very well together because they contrast each other. Secondly, notice how red and purple, situated next to each other on the color wheel, look great together because they compliment each other. The two ‘C’ words, contrast and compliment, can be used to your advantage. The third way to use the color wheel is to dress in one color, but in different hues. Using several shades of the same color, from light to dark will give you a polished look. Color is the most important component of your look and it’s the easiest way to freshen your wardrobe and reflect your own personal style. Remember that color can be pulled into your look with fabrics, accessories, shoes, and even your lipstick or nail polish.

So let’s get to work on your back-to-personality shopping with purpose. Need help – let’s grab some time on the phone. Schedule your Free Consult here.
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* Note – todays photos are intentionally not links – remember – this is to inspire creativity! Dream in color and remember – you are pretty!

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