When wardrobes need renewing, when all your colors look the same, one must turn to the runway for fashion inspiration. And that is exactly what BA50 has done for you! We’ve noticed an undeniable trend amongst the world of high fashion: red. Whether it’s deep burgundies, beautiful berry colors, or fire engine reds, designers everywhere are incorporating this eye catching color into their newest lines of clothing. Here are some of our favorite looks to help take a little bit of the runway home with you.

Leading the charge into the wonderful world of trench coats are designers such as Chanel, and Marc Jacobs. The two power house brands are painting the runway red with their amazing choices for outwear. Look simple and sleek in the JCrew Olga Boiled Wool Topcoat if you are inspired by Marc Jacob’s head turning red trench. If the classic look of Chanel’s shin length coat in a more muted red is for you, the Topshop Bodika Check Coat will do the trick!

Designers and fashionistas alike know how important it is to own a good blazer this season. So, it came as no surprise to us that our friends at Versace and Balenciaga knew just how to add a little pop of color to make our business casual looks look like new. Play with plaid like Versace in the Smythe Duchess Print Blazer. Or be a little more basic look with the JCrew Parke Blazer. The candy colored red will be just what your closet needs!

Since everyone is looking for chic sweaters to keep warm, Oscar De La Renta is here to help. Their off the shoulder, bell sleeved sweater in more of a crimson color inspired BA50 to find a replica for our readers. The Chaus Off The Shoulder Chevron Cotton Sweater will create the same sexy look for just a little bit less.


Skirts this season are everything, so we pulled a few of our favorite designers to get your fashion juices flowing. Balenciaga, Versace, and Chloe all killed the skirt look in their own unique ways. Balenciaga showed us that we can still wear fun florals. If you agree, Treasure Bond Floral Mid Skirt will fit perfectly into your wardrobe with its vibrant display of flowers. Though Versace’s trench isn’t exactly what we were looking for, the chic pleather fabric was breathtaking. The deep burgundy of this beautiful garment finds its perfect match in the Vince Camuto Faux Leather Skirt. Feeling flowy like Chloe? Not a problem! The slimming, MILLY Asymmetrical Stripe Stretch Silk Midi Skirt with multiple shades of red stripes will be perfect for any occasion.

Designer’s everywhere were trying to piece together the perfect red dress, but we with Oscar De La Renta and Chloe did it the best! If you’re looking to spice up a night out with your significant other, be bold like La Renta’s beautiful beaded look in the Boden Belted Stripe Midi Dress. Though the patterns are a bit different, the alternating color of the flattering vertical stripes will help you rock the red look without going overboard. Tone down this look a little with the Ali And Jay Bohemian Rhapsody High Low Maxi Dress. The ruby red of the dress paired with its sheer tulip skirt is sure to sweep your date off their feet.

Since simplicity is everything, you may just be look for a red that you can incorporate into everyday life. That is why Versace created her burgundy leather pants that hug your figure just right. The Good American Good Waist Coated High Waist Skinny Jeans are perfect with a simple sweater, and are sure to match the deep red of your glass of merlot at the end of a long work day.

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