When the weather gets cold, your outfit options become limited to your warmest attire. Sweaters and long pants will most likely be your most worn items, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your outfits need to lose all creativity and spunk. Accessories are the added sugar to your look, so let’s get right into the top 5 accessories everyone is falling for this season!


A cross between a blanket and a sweater? How could you not be obsessed? The blanket wrap is the cutest accessory this fall season and can be styled and layered in an infinite amount of ways. Throw it on over a plain white long sleeve for a casual yet fashion forward look.


You just can’t go wrong with a faux fur scarf! They are adorable and oh so cozy. You won’t even mind stepping out into that cold October air knowing that you have this hot accessory to wrap around your neck.


These tortoise shell square sunglasses fit the fall mood. With their earthy brown tones and fun boxy shape, you can spice up your fall look with these adorable shades.

Every woman needs her red accessories. We love red shoes, we love red lipstick, but in the colder seasons…we love red gloves! These red leather gloves are such a fun and trendy way to bring color to your wardrobe.

Whether you’re out apple picking in the orchards or picking up a pumpkin to carve, toting a felted wool hat is a fun way to step up your fall fashion game. They are so casual and chic while still giving you that comforting fit.

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