Oh my, it’s 90° with 95% humidity –  how are we going to get anything done and more importantly what are we going to wear?

Not all daily tasks or hobbies allow us to wear short-shorts, midriff tops and flip flops. Actually, very few daily tasks for BA50’s allow us to wear short-shorts, midriff  tops and flip flops, except maybe gardening or sailing with Ronna Benjamin!

The best answer for days like this is to literally just let it flow! What’s better than a little breeze sneaking in on all those special places to cool us down?

The sale racks are currently full of linen and cotton loose flowing items. If you are a return reader you know I usually don’t encourage draping because it hides everything that you think you want to hide and more than you would ever need to hide. In the fall and winter fabrics draping adds substantial bulk and hides any potential curves that you might have that you should instead be embracing. But in the summer a bit of draping in a flowing light-weight soft or sheer fabric can disguise the liabilities but still accentuate the assets and allow for the breeze to just come on in.

Here are a few examples – by category of course.

Sleeveless shells that are loose fitting with styling elements are always a good option in the summer and somehow in 100° it doesn’t really matter how much you don’t like your arms, you need to let it go occasionally and let them free! You can always wear a bit of arm candy to bring the attention away from the upper arm to your wrists and manicures!

Having a light-weight linen or chiffon oblong scarf handy in your bag will allow you to wear the sleeveless top but also cover up from the sun or cover yourself in the frigid air conditioned spaces that you maybe darting in and out of.

The cold shoulder top that had such great press coverage in the spring is already seeing its demise because it appears to be a one-shot-wonder trend, however if you already have some, now is the time to wear them because they may not circle back in 2018.

Another option where you have a little bit of arm coverage is a slit sleeve and the beauty of that quite frankly is that if that trend falls from your favor next year you can simply sew that sleeve opening closed and voila – back on trend!

Keeping with the ‘top’ category let’s get that hair off your neck! Consider getting some sort of a shorter summer hairstyle – you know it will grow – this is a low risk update!  However, If you’re still in love with your long locks, make one appointment at the hairdresser where all that you’re doing is learning how to put it up in at least three different ways. There’s more to pulling your hair up than a ponytail so have your hairdresser show you a few quick fixes that you can do on your own.

Speaking of hair, pop a hat! A light-weight straw hat with some oversized Jackie O’ sunglasses makes a great fashion statement, keeps the sun off your face and keeps your hair color your true (wink wink) color all summer long.

Carry a pop-up fan – always in style, motorized and self-propelled!Let’s talk about the bottom half and since we already agreed we’re not talking about shorts, let’s talk skirts. Popping a short skirt (within reason lengthwise) is a good alternative to wearing shorts and is certainly a cooler option.

Wearing a longer flowing skirt may seem like a lot of fabric but if you choose the fabric wisely it not only feels free-flowing it also protects you from the dangerous sun rays while lunching at an outdoor café or cruising along the lake in that antique Chris Craft.

And lastly there is the one-shot solution of simply dropping a dress. Keep with the natural fabrics and free flowing construction that still has a bit of a shape to show off your summer body!

Need more style advice?

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