I lost five poundsToday I woke up 5 pounds thinner.  At least, in my mind, I did. I didn’t get on the scale. I didn’t scrutinize my peri-menopausal pooch in the mirror to see if it had changed shape since yesterday. And, I didn’t try on the old jeans in the back of the closet. I woke up 5 pounds thinner because I wanted to remember why I liked being that weight and I was wondering if it was worth the effort to get back there. This is what happened:

 I got out of bed, drank my hot water with fresh-squeezed lemon, and ate a delicious, healthy breakfast just as I would if I was 5 pounds thinner. I put on my workout clothes and admired how amazing I looked in the mirror. When I sat in my spin class I just knew that everyone was looking at me wondering how I looked so great and wanting to know my secrets. I worked out harder than usual that day because that was what it took to lose those 5 pesky pounds and I drank all 9 glasses of water because that was the key to my miraculous 5 pound drop.
Later on I put on my Victoria’s Secret lace “cheekies” that my teenage daughter made me buy instead of my suck-it-all-in underwear that I had picked out myself. I ditched the oversized chunky sweater and went with a form fitting stretchy cotton top, which happened to look perfect with my skinny jeans and boots. I easily ate healthy meals with minimal snacking simply because that is what I would be doing at that weight and I didn’t crave sugar once the entire day. I felt amazing.
With weight loss out of the way, I could finally think about other things than food. I was more productive with my work, found some time to write this article, and even meditated for 10 minutes. I felt sexier, more beautiful, and more confident and it showed.  Even my husband noticed!

So what was different? On the scale I weighed EXACTLY what I had weighed the day before. It was my ATTITUDE that changed. Do I need to lose those 5 pounds?  Apparently NOT. I just have to lose the belief that I do and move on to more important things.

Are you waiting until you get to a certain weight before you start living? Try waking up 5 pounds thinner in your mind tomorrow. I have a feeling, you just might like it 🙂

Lisa Lewtan is a Healthy Living Coach and her website is www.healthyhappyandhip.com

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