balletshoesWould you rather tiptoe around or loaf around?

I have to admit I am not a tiptoe kind of gal. I am more to the point – direct, precise and calculated when it comes to my decisions – that includes my fashion choices.

When ballet flats popped into pop culture, I was skeptical. Let’s say it had to do with years of ballet training and sore feet. Now granted, donning the sole-less, support-less little pink leather doo-dahs was only meant for the hardwood floors of a dance studio, but alas you will see where I am going with this.

loafer1Fast forward just a few decades and we find ourselves in a deluge of ballet flats with no doubt several pairs in closets around the world.

The upside? They are easy to slip on; they come in a multitude of styles, colors and price points from casual to dressy. They are even available in fold-ables – are we that hard pressed for global space? They are great for taller women who want a stylish option but don’t want to add height. They are also a good choice for petite women, as the delicate nature of the shoe doesn’t weigh down a small frame. I am often heard saying, be sure your (clunky) shoe isn’t the first thing that enters the room. The multitude of fashionable options make them appropriate wear for pants, skirts, shorts and even dresses. And yes, less shoe usually equals less cost.

loafer3Here’s my pragmatic take on the downside of ballet flats.

Less shoe also equals less support. The flatter the arch, the higher the risk of nasty side effects for the feet. The lack of arch support can cause foot, heel, arch, back and leg pain when worn consistently. The lack of cushioning could even lead to shin splints.

Think it through ladies; would you pop this shoe on to tiptoe down the cobblestones, sprint off the train platform or stroll around the (not so clean, let’s be honest) streets in Time Square? Where’s your support, your barrier to entry? Talk about no boundaries – now this is an admitted stretch here gals – how many life coaches tout boundaries! Time to build some between your feet and the pavement!

loafer2If you already have a plethora of floppy ballet flats in your closet, excuse the pun, but take two steps. First, pull them all out, line them up, identify the worst offenders and second, send them packing. Then replace them with loafers!

A loafer is defined as a leather shoe with a low heel. In order to have a heel the shoe needs structure – there you have it! Simple. Sophisticated in appearance, easy to put on and comfortable to wear. Loafers will save your feet and save the day. They allow you to express your individuality and creativity and are always age appropriate.

They can be the spark to the outfit, the color addition to the neutral zone, the pattern to the plain, the edge to the humdrum and the accessory to the uniform!

loafer4Start to take notice to loafers. The next time you peruse the shoe department walk completely through and just notice loafers! It’s kind of like noticing a white car on the highway and then it seems like all you see are white cars. The same will happen here, you’ll start seeing stylish loafers everywhere, let’s just make sure it is not only on OTHER stylish women!

Don’t be a loaf – comment below with your stylish shoe ideas! Sharing is so fashionable!

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