My eyes are always smudged with eye liner. It makes me nuts. I tried once to dye my eye lashes to avoid the inky look but they were too short. I tried to add eye lashes to make them look longer, which looked great but I got sick of scheduling appointments for “fillers.”

So, I got some help from my friend and partner Ronna because that’s what  girlfriends do. We show each other how to put on make-up because It’s never too late to learn a few new tricks.

Do you use this technique or is there a better one to help keep eliminate smudgy eyes?



And should you like a more professional technique check this video out.



Marc Jacobs Fineliner 

Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Liner

Tarte Sex Kitten Eyeliner

Sephora Pro Tightline Pencil 

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