Thanksgiving will be like no other because of last Thanksgiving. This year many of us dare to gather but we cannot forget what we lived through just one Thanksgiving ago. And that remembrance makes this Thanksgiving all the more special.

Most of us are going to gather despite the rising rates of Covid, because it’s time for us to be together again. We are ready to celebrate and be hopeful.

Last year my husband Bill and I sat alone, like so many others. Thanksgiving played out in front of our zoom screens where we connected to our children who were celebratingĀ  in their homes. We found our way to each other’s tables via our computers and we were grateful for Zoom, grateful we had working internet connections and that our kids and grandkids were healthy. With a lump in our throats we chatted, and we dug deep to find the hope that we would all be ok and be together the next year for Thanksgiving. There were no vaccines then, we all felt alot of fear about what lay ahead and how long this isolation would last. And for many of us it lasted for way longer than we expected.

Life felt surreal over this past year. We were unsure of how to proceed and when and how to reconnect. We spent too much time on our screens but else could we do?

This year we come together with a new perspective. This year our family, like many, will be together. Hallelujah!Ā  Like past years, we will drive once again, north to VermontĀ  and the kids will fly in.Ā  Once again, we will celebrate with our nieces and nephews and grandchildren and our siblings.Ā  But, this year will be different than any other.Ā 

Because, this year, we no longer take for granted that we can gather. Being able to show up is worth celebrating. How can we not thank all those who worked tirelessly to make it possible for us to gather? We are so grateful to the health care workers, and all the administrators and elected officials and workers and volunteers who helped to distribute the vaccines. And if we are gathering – how can we not notice that we are blessed to walk through the front door and hug our loved ones and share a meal together.

The simple act of gathering has taken on new meaning. The gathering is the grand prize of this Thanksgiving.

And so, to our fellow BA50s. We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving full of connections and love and hugs.


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