Ok Gwyneth, you’re a genius. Once again your branding has reached new heights. Why didn’t I think of that? A candle called “This Smells Like My Vagina!”

I’m always trying to envision the perfect Betterafter50.com product that our almost 70k Instagram followers won’t be able to resist. But, when I heard about this candle I immediately thought, “great idea Gwyneth and I bet you knew nobody would be buying the Semen Scented candle so you didn’t pick that one.” (nope that one hasn’t been invented yet to my knowledge). But, what do I know…cuz the popularity of “This Smells Like My Vagina” never occurred to me as a possibility.

There may be a few reasons why I didn’t think of this first.

During my 10 years of teaching yoga I never minded the odors of my students, but I never wanted to bottle them. And the dance floor aroma can be invigorating but just because musky can evoke college sex and an “athletic” apres workout gritty scent can be enticing until it sits too long and sours, I truly never thought I wanted it to linger.

So, how did Gwyneth have the confidence to market her Vagina smell? Hmmm? Maybe it was during one of her Goop Lab retreats she’s been hosting. During an episode her inner circle eats mushrooms and trips and talks about their revelations. Certainly this idea emanated from a part of the brain we don’t normally access. In what part of the brain is a “My Vagina Candle” housed anyway?

So, last night, we didn’t eat mushrooms but we had some pretty trippy thoughts as we sipped Tequila and ate pizza with a few friends and talked about “My Vagina”, well not mine but you know…hers.

And the brainstorming began as we reached deep for the next billion dollar product prompted by a body part that we had no idea was fair game but now is.

We wanted to share a bit of our genius with you and invite you to vote on your favorite as a first step in our market research so we can begin testing our new product.

Here’s some line extensions we were wondering if you would be interested in?

  1. The Musky Armpit Infuser. An elegant infuser you can bring as a house gift to your friends with an elegant dipstick.
  2. Eau de Butt Crack. Just a dab will do ya.
  3. Butt Crack Butter. A must for the sweaty road bikers when you’re riding in a peloton or behind someone in spin class.
  4. Eat This Pillow Case. A tasty pillow case made from the flavors of your face that slept on it.
  5. Toe Jam Fizz. We’re not sure if this is an electrolyte additive or just an ornament.
  6. Butt Sweat Wipes. A lovely disposable butt sweat wipe for apres spandex wearing activities.
  7. Eye Bugger Exfoliant. Our free gift to you… You don’t have to buy this product you can just use your own. Drag “it” from each eye and apply with circular motions to the skin for an effective skin exfoliant.

If you’d like to shop around on Goop…click here for some other out of the box products.

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