transform your love lifeAre youĀ frustrated with the way things are going in the romance department? Do you go on date after date with people who are boring, dysfunctional, or downright rude and inconsiderate?

I understand. You’re looking for someone special, and you should not settle for less. But please don’tĀ give up on finding love due to a string of bad dates (or no dates at all).

Here’s the deal. Dating is all about sifting and sorting and learning along the way. You’re only looking for ONE special person. Most of the people you meet will NOT be right for you. Of course there are the rare exceptions, those who meet their beloved right out of the gate.

But for most of you, finding the right partner takes time and self-reflection. It’s not just about the end goal of finding love. The journey is as important as the destination.

If you’re unhappy on your journey to find love, chances are your unhappiness will compound.

Unaddressed, it will compound into frustration.

And frustration can be the reason you quit.

If you are seeking a true loving partner, the solution is pretty simple: address your unhappiness by looking within.Ā 

Part of that internal work is knowing youā€™re always at choice. This one internal shift can turn a victim mentality into an empowerment mentality.

Are you:

  1. Reacting to frustration with anger, blame, or rage?
  2. Trying to control the outcome of every date/relationship?
  3. Blaming others for your frustration with your love life?
  4. Emotionally distant or aloof?
  5. Holding onto a past relationship?
  6. Want others to save you and make your difficult life better?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may beĀ sabotaging your own relationship success.Ā The good news is that you can make changes today to turn around your life and attract the love of your life.
Hereā€™s one thing you can do right now:
Focus on whatā€™s working in your life.
To be happy, you need to see the happy, focus on the happy, and be grateful for the happy.Ā 
At the end of every day, make a list of all that youā€™re grateful for.
Here are some examples:
  • Your teenage daughter confided in you
  • You saw the budding flowers on the trees
  • You were able to get through the day without any major aches and pains
  • Your friend called and you had a great conversation
Notice the small things that are working for you. Pay attention to the small miracles in your everyday life.
Start with this small step and begin to shift your focus on what’s working rather than what’s missing or broken. That one small step can create a seismic shift over time.
When you’re happier, you radiate happiness and joy. A person who’s happy within magnetizes more love into his/her life. This is key to dating successfully after 50!

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