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“Second Acts” is a series about making big changes later in life.

At 53, Jin Cruce has spent the last 30 years working as a registered pharmacist. But over the past year, she’s also dedicated time to her popular Instagram account, Aging With Style and Grays, where she’s documented her journey to gray hair. It began as a way “to inspire and support women on their gray-hair journey and to inspire women to embrace aging,” she says. “Being older has brought me so much joy, freedom, and confidence.”

Cruce decided to ditch the hair dye after her first grandchild was born. This came with some unwanted commentary. “I remember one elderly customer who said to me that I’ve aged since the last time he saw me. I just smiled and said, ‘This is the new me.’ If you’re thinking of following in her footsteps, she says, “first, go ahead and accept the fact that the journey won’t be easy. You will have good days and bad days, compliments and negative comments — the sooner you accept this, the easier the transition. And know that there is so much personal growth and freedom that comes along the way.”

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