I have tips galore on how to look simultaneously “age appropriate” and ageless– literally–and remain close to our inner age, the age we feel– not some number which we think signals our demise.  On some level, that number is absurd and irrelevant.

So here’s my FIRST TIP in a long line of tips to come. Want to know how to instantly take 10 years off your face? Don’t laugh:  A short sleeve WHITE T-SHIRT. No kidding. Put one on and stand in front of the mirror. Feel free to pop on a pair of classic hoop earrings too. And by the way– white T-Shirts aren’t just for kids. They’re classic. White is fresh and youthful. It’s summer so don’t worry about it being too casual. Pick the most figure flattering one you can find. Let it be long enough to cover half your derriere, which will cut it in half and make it look smaller. Somewhere between waist and mid hip is about the right length. And if you have a waist– show it.

Now wear it to the movies and feel 30 years younger when you see BEGIN AGAIN– a wonderful romantic comedy that will remind you of what it was like to be in love, have your heart broken, and follow your dream, starring PEOPLE’s sexiest man alive and Maroon Five frontman Adam Levine and the gorgeous Keira Knightley!

Here’s the story– Keira Knightley plays Gretta a young singer-songwriter who heads to Manhattan with her singer-songwriter boyfriend Dave played by Adam Levine. Once there, his career takes off, hers doesn’t; but one night she meets a down-on-his-luck music biz exec Dan (Mark Ruffalo) and he hears something in the way she sings. And Keira Knightley actually does her own singing and does it really well!  She’s utterly convincing with considerable gamin charm. The tunes she writes (actually penned by Gregg Alexander /”ONCE”) are as lyrically beautiful as those on the soundtrack from the hit movie ONCE, also directed and written by Dubliner John Carney.

Adam Levine is a revelation here- who knew he could act? Admittedly, he doesn’t stray far from his comfort zone and puts the narcissism embedded in those sleek good looks to good use; he also sings like a dream in the film’s climactic scene.  CeeLo Green– Levine’s TV judge and co-star on THE VOICE– also puts in an appearance here as a big star record mogul, as does hip hop artist Mos Def as Dan’s partner /boss. Talented up and comer Hailee Steinfeld whom you may remember from the TRUE GRIT remake, brings more grit, intelligence, and tenderness to her role as Dan’s estranged teen daughter Violet. And Mark Ruffalo? What can’t this actor do–his performance here as a man with buried heartache, simmering anger, a drinking problem, and a soft spot for family and true talent is thing of beauty. The performances and the soundtrack carry BEGIN AGAIN past the dramatic flats and you’ll waft out into the dark on the trail of Adam Levine’s falsetto on “LOST STARS.”

Begin Again Movie

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