womanredlipstickTired of the same old – same old? 

Then change it up Alice! No one is going to select you off the street – put you in a new bra, slap some lipstick on your face and give you a reality show!

If you want something, haven’t you learned by now that you need to go out and get it yourself?

The same thing applies to motivation. Someone telling you you look 80 when you are 50, isn’t really motivating now is it? That’s kind of like when you told your kids if they didn’t pick up their clothing from the floor you were going to throw it away! Did that motivate them to pick it up – damn straight – of course not.

If you want to make a change you have to motivate yourself by putting the wheels in motion and asking for help. You have to outsource your style just like you outsource your tax return.

You may know all of this, but continue to look for the motivation to make the change and update your look. People are motivated to make a change, usually for two reasons, either to seek pleasure or avoid pain.  I find that most of my clients come to me for coaching because the pain of their issue isn’t tolerable anymore. They start to think about what it’s costing them not to make a change. What is it costing you not to do it?  Are you not attracting the right partner or the perfect clients?  Are you being looked over for promotions?  Do you want to launch a new business or start a new career?

Is it time to say – I give?

Is it time to get your ASK in gear?

Ask and you shall receive!

The Top 5 Steps To Refresh Your Image

1. Perform a closet edit, audit, purge, cleanse – whatever you want to term it as. You simply have to turn on the light, pry open the door and take all of the crap out. If you are not hiring a professional, just use your gut, your intuition and your common sense. If the clothing is outdated, out of style, the wrong size, or even the wrong character for your new role, get it the heck out of there! If you find that the only thing you ever reach for are your black pants and they are at the dry cleaner and you are now experiencing a melt down, then you may need to shop for a few things!

2. Buy 6 things! Decide what items you need to purchase to get the wagon rolling to Wonderland. This could be as basic as a great fitting black skirt or black pant (so there isn’t drama when they are at the dry cleaners), a new pair of pumps, a crisp new white blouse, a tweedy well tailored jacket or sweater jacket, a rockin’ statement necklace and a new bag.

Boom – you are dressed for success. Untie the wagon.

3. Change your hairdo – is hairdo still even a term? Take a good look in the mirror then take a look at perhaps your college graduation or wedding picture – if the hair is the same, it is time for a change! Go to a new hairdresser for a consult – see what someone else, who doesn’t know you from Adam, would do to make you look stunning. Fresh eyes equal fresh ideas. If you are in the Boston area I have a wonderful referral for you – he books free consults for my clients and is a creative genius with color and cut!

If you want this info – get your ‘ask’ in gear and just ask me.

4. Change up your skincare and makeup regimen.

OMG – stop using soap, start using an eye cream and dump all of your makeup out on the counter and be honest with yourself! You probably have stuff that is outdated, the wrong color, makes your skin look like a pancake and the shadows were probably a better color match before your hair tone changed (any silver foxes out there)? Newsflash – if you didn’t change both your clothing colors and your makeup colors when your skin tone or hair color changed, you are wearing the wrong colors!

5. Get a professional headshot. There’s nothing worse than looking at a LinkedIn profile and seeing someone else’s shoulder abutment because you couldn’t quite crop them out. Seriously? Get with the program. You should be well dressed (at least from the waist up), well groomed (styled hair), well polished (current makeup), your teeth should be relatively white (can you spell Crest White Strips), your eyeglasses should not have come from CVS (reasons why not are too numerous to list here) and well lit (not from a nip of Jack, but rather soft lighting like Angela Lansbury in Murder She Wrote). Are you getting the drift here? A professional headshot is a must, whether you are a professional or a wanna-be. And BTW, you will not be paying wedding portfolio prices here – it is just a headshot!

And of course I have a referral!

If you want this info – get your ‘ask’ in gear and just ask me.

Life is challenging, but we have to get dressed. Get dressed for the role you want to be playing, which may not be the role you currently have! Step into your new zone and proceed with confidence.

Remember – confidence is always in style!


Sound like too much work for you? Let me navigate this for you, once and done. We will get you camera ready with just a few checkpoints!

Book a complimentary Boost Your Image Breakthrough Session with me. We’ll chat about your current image and where you would like it to be. I look forward to ‘meeting’ you on the phone!

Doreen Dove empowers women to use style as a tool to take strategic control of their image. She is an image consultant, personal stylist, professional speaker and author.


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