“Gray hair, don’t care!” seems to be the mantra of the gray hair movement that is blowing up social media. Strong and stunning women all around are embracing natural aging and so should you! So chic and so confident, these instagram icons are making way for change as they share their silver hair lifestyles. Here are the top gray haired women of instagram that you need to follow immediately!

Nikol Johnson Sanchez @freshbeautystudio


Beauty and style expert, author, and self proclaimed gray hair powerhouse, Nikol Johnson Sanchez is a true icon and the perfect blogger to be inspired by on instagram. Not to mention her youtube videos share her personal gray hair journey along with all of her amazing tips.

Annika von Holdt @annikavonholdt


Lifestyle blogger and award winning author, Annika is one online media influencer you definitely want to be following! Her family oriented, fabulous life is inspiring to see her achieve with a head of beautiful silver hair.

Silvina Neder @silvinaneder


Embracing her beautifully natural head of gray hair, Silvina is one to watch. Model, actor, and yoga student, she lives a well balanced, healthy lifestyle that she continues to share openly with the world. Her authenticity is truly inspiring!

Regina Burton @burtonregina


This gray hair blogger is not only a fashion icon, international model and business woman. She has made her place in the gray hair movement with other 35k followers and her secrets to age defying beauty and grace.

Dian Griesel @silverdisobedience


This “age attitude adjuster” is redefining old age ideas one blog at a time. She is an influencer to all 50+ women seeking the confidence and carefree zen to achieve silver hair and the best version of yourself yet. Her positive and lively outlook are sure to brighten your media feed.

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