I grew up with an important jewelry designer/artist mother. I share her fascination with adornment, its roots in ancient civilizations and tribes, and the stories and meanings of the accessories beyond beautification. The earliest adornments were made from sticks, feathers, and leather. The jewelry often carried with it sacred powers of protection, strength, and luck. We all know the power of belief and that the act of imbuing objects, literally gives us something to hold onto. The Holy cross, Star of David, and Evil Eye (actually used to ward off evil) are a few examples of jewelry as empowered symbols.

Quite early in the adornment timeline gemstones came onto the scene. Almost every type of gemstone has at least one tale to tell. This is the story of the mysterious and beautiful Moonstone and what it may do for you beyond being stunning!  In Ayurvedic medicine, Moonstone is said to be helpful in finding clarity and direction. One should wear a Moonstone set in silver on the right ring finger during the full moon, to calm a frazzled disposition during that time. I wish I knew this prescription before the last full moon! Auyervedic medicine has very specified instructions for each gemstone type and even within the Moonstone family.

Moonstone’s alluring silky color and pearly shimmer make it a perfect gem for all types of jewelry designs. The unique mesmerizing iridescence is due to an optical phenomenon known as adularescence. When light enters the stone, it refracts and scatters, setting off a bluish-white glow which resembles light bouncing off the moon.  The chemical make-up of Moonstone is Orthoclase Feldspar.

I am fascinated by objects that are thought to have powers beyond physical appearance. This has always been true with gemstones. We all know the power of color and usually dress accordingly. Wearing black is a uniform way to blend in, to be cool and sexy. White refracts negative energies and invites in the good. When we become The ‘Lady in Red’, we stand out, evoking strong emotions. The color of a jewel can evoke a strong emotion and gives one pause upon hearing tales of gemstone’s purported mystical powers, to aid in healing;  evoke love, or protect.  In addition to the more modest believers among us just flip through any Hollywood or Bollywood magazine to find celebrities and their favorite gemstone Talisman.

Moonstone is ethereal and beautiful and is, unfortunately, becoming a rare gemstone. Its shimmering beauty is magical and always adds a pearlized glow to the jewels it bedazzles. The gemstone has been popular for centuries and had several historical moments of note. Sailor’s would sew the gem into their clothes for safe travels. It was said if one held a gem in their mouth on the full moon they could see into the future. The stone was used in jewelry in an array of civilizations including ancient Hindu, Greek, and Roman societies.  The gem shone brightly in the designs  Louis Comfort Tiffany and René Jules Lalique of The Art Nouveau era.
In the 1960s, Moonstone jewelry had a resurgence in the bohemian and hippie cultures of the 1960s and later in the 1980s within the New Age practices. The Arts & Crafts movement as well utilized Moonstone in handcrafted sterling accessories creations.

It is the birthstone along with Alexandrite and Pearl for all Gemini babies including me, so it is close to my heart. The first known Moonstone came from Sri Lanka but deposits occur in Australia, the Austrian Alps, Mexico, Madagascar, Burma, Norway, Poland, India,  and the United States as well. As a Gemini and a traveler, I think I need to add of few of these precious jewels gem to my collection.

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