doreen dove film strip 2Feeling like it’s time to bump it up a little? Not sure where to start? Let’s start in your scarf drawer. Oh, I hear the moans. They sound something like, my scarves are a massive mess. There are all sorts of shapes, sizes, patterns and fabrics and I haven’t a clue what to do with them in my closet let alone on my body!

Let’s start here. Dump them all on the bed – yes on the bed.

Then separate them by category –

Obvious summer fabrics and colors – fold neatly and store off season in a shoe size bin (or 5) depending on your quantity.

Woolie chunky monkeys – put those downstairs near the coat closet

Any DIY’s made by first graders – put those in the costume dress-up bin

Large cotton, silk or lofty fabric squares – those should live visibly folded on a shelf

Large cotton, silk or lofty fabric oblongs – those should hang on scarf loops by color

Newsflash – square scarves are harder to style – but perhaps you already know that. Going forward pay attention to the shape of the scarf as well as the fabric, pattern and price. Note to self – buy more oblongs!

For those of you who own scarves large enough to cover the Statue of Liberty, fear not, help is here!

That’s me, on the right, raking in a gi-normous scarf. Don’t be afraid to twist, roll, knot, scrunch and tug on your scarves (unless of course it is a Hermes) because your old friend ‘Frannie Flat Iron’ can make your wrinkled mess new again.

Now there are many scarf tutorials online, and yes I am working on one myself, but this video link from Nordstrom is one of my favorites. I recommend you watch it once, then hunt and gather one scarf per category (there are 4) and run the video again while you are standing in front of your mirror. Armed with a square scarf, an oblong scarf, a wrap and a cover-up, you will be amazed at how easy some of these steps are and how good you are at DIY’ing your look! You don’t know if you don’t try – right?

4 Scarves ~ 16 Ways

After you master the art of scarf tying, let’s master the art of scarf storing.

First of all they can’t be out of site as out of site equals out of mind! They must be visible within your closet to inspire creativity.

I recommend the true square silkies be folded on a shelf. I recommend the oblongs be grouped into 3 color palettes, blues, browns and blacks. Then loop them onto 3 separate scarf rings so you can peruse by color when assembling your morning outfit.

As always comment below – I love hearing from you.

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