By now everyone has a post-Covid fantasy: the ‘ I can’t wait to (fill in the blank) when this is all over’. Here’s mine: Cue the lights, raise the curtain, the show must go on! Get me back to Broadway!

This is a fantasy, right? I’m making up the rules and my rules are Broadway is reopened, money is no object and I’ve got all the time in the world. Oh and hotels are open including bars because there’s nothing I like more than a hotel bar in New York City.

Score! Hamilton tickets. I’ve listened to the music over and over and tonight I’ve got 5throw center orchestra seats. Lin Manuel Miranda has come back for a limited appearance because he feels the need to. A lot- A LOT!-has changed since he left the show and most especially in the past month. Tonight’s his only appearance and he’s ‘only got one shot’ to make this as powerful a statement as he can. And I am here for it.

(‘Oh my God. That was fantastic! I can’t believe what I just saw. Yes, drinks. Let’s cab it up to the Carlyle. I’m buying’)

In spite of recent ‘was Atticus a racist?’ revelations, I’ve always loved his character. I want to see Ed Harris’s interpretation of Atticus Finch and, like so many, To Kill a Mockingbird holds a special place in my heart. So today it’s matinee tickets and, as with Hamilton, I am anticipating seeing if the play’s message and impact will be presented and/or interpreted differently given the current social/political climate. I am especially curious to see how Calpurnia is portrayed… and Tom Robinson. This should be very interesting.

(‘I don’t know if I can actually speak right now. Let’s go to the Raines Law Room in the William.Its quieter there and I need some time to decompress, don’t you? Oh God, I don’t know whether I’m happy or sad. I do know I just witnessed greatness on a stage’)

West Side Story was a pivotal movie in my life. At 11 or 12, It might have been my first grown-up movie where I became aware of issues of sex and sexuality (remember Anybodys?) and race and gang violence interwoven with true love and heartbreak. It would be several years before I read Romeo and Juliet so truly I just enjoyed it for the story and the music. To be able to see this live, with a full orchestra, to hear “I Wanna be in America” and “There’s a Place for Us” ..oh God.

(“I cannot believe I knew almost every word to every song. How can I remember those lyrics when I can’t remember if I packed my charger. Let’s try that Bar Downstairs in the Andaz 5thAvenue. It has Latin music I think and I’m still in the mood. I never thought anyone could be as good as Rita Moreno but that Yesenia Ayala she has the pipes”)

SCREECH! Back to reality. Covid is still here. Broadway is still closed. But in doing research for this story I discovered that ‘Smash” is coming to Broadway-at some point. I was part of the small “Smash” tv show cult and it remains a favorite. Maybe the topic of my next blog? In the meantime in real life I’ve signed up for ticket notifications and it will be a dream destination to sustain me through whatever the rest of this is. And after the show I’m going to the Regency Bar. Wanna come with me?

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