I had no intention of watching the Royal Wedding although I adore what Meghan and Harry have brought to the world. I love how they have opened up the dialogue of discrimination and acceptance and change but still, I had no intention of watching the ceremony.

I thought the whole royal wedding thing would be a yawn. I’m not really a big fan of all the pomp, although I loved The Crown whose message reflects what is happening for real.

Listen to the opening lines for Season 2 of The Crown, it clearly set the tone for what we saw Saturday at Windsor Castle.


Nonetheless,  my jaw dropped as I watched and listened to Bishop Michael Curry give an animated sermon at the Royal Wedding. New age spirituality apparently is having it’s debut at the Royal Wedding. Bishop Curry’s words are the messages we chant about at Yoga class. The power of love retreats can be accessed from Canyon Ranch to Kripalu. But now we are hearing this message from the great halls of Windsor Castle.

I  casually clicked onto the wedding on my phone during our Uber ride to the airport early Saturday morning. To our surprise there was Bishop Curry, totally relatable, speaking with passion, joy and humor about the power of love and suddenly the Royal wedding was feeling lively.

My husband and I were moved by what we heard and saw.  Bishop Curry spoke of personal love and the healing powers of carrying love into the world. He is so right.

If you missed hearing Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon at the Royal Wedding it’s worth a listen click here and let us know what you thought….

The world is truly changing and Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding certainly has our attention.



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