I just returned from a conference hosted by Amgen for Influencers called “The Aging Differently Osteoporosis Summit Oct. 15-16! It was mind blowing!

12 women bloggers influencers…(see list below) who all write about women’s health issues were invited to Amgen headquarters and treated to an incredible education about Osteoporosis. The learning curve was steep but satisfying.

I want to pass on the top learnings from this conference for this Healthy Monday on Better after 50 and I’m guessing some of this information may be new to you.

The top takeaways were:

After 50 we lose estrogen and we are at risk of having bones break.

1 in 2 Women over 50 in the US will break a bone due to Osteoporosis in their remaining lifetime.

Some women lose over 20% of their bone density in the 5-7 years following menopause.

Making salmon cakes
Did you know your diet matters for bone health? We are making Salmon Cakes! Eat Salmon!
I’m with my new friend and fellow influencer Robin LaMonte of Hello I’m 60ish

A healthy diet with plenty of Calcium is essential for bone health. A calcium-rich diet (including dairy, nuts, leafy greens and fish) helps to build and protect your bones.

How much Calcium do you need after 55? Apparently 1200 mg but there’s many options to make sure you get enough. Please click here to see the guidelines from the NOF Website. (National Osteoporosis Foundation).

Group yoga session outside
Did you know yoga is great for Bone health? Photo Taken at Amgen conference in LA. (I’m in the back row and loving it) 

Yoga is one of the top recommended exercises. Posture and strong abs and shoulders are essential and that’s why exercise that uses your body weight for strength is a great option. Balancing postures help to increase the connections between the brain and the muscles as well.

Additionally, the risk of fracture from falling can be diminished with increased flexibility, strength and balance.

Other recommended exercises include Tango, Rowing, and spinning with arm exercises which a Peloton can be great for.

Osteoporosis-friendly yoga poses
Yoga poses for bone health!

Is a bone scan on your check list? If you haven’t had a DXA scan to check your bone density…ask your Doctor! Once you’ve had your scan, your Doctor will let you know what else you need in addition to diet and exercise if you are at risk.

October 20th was National Osteoporosis Day so let’s all pay attention this week and schedule our DXA scans and sign up for those yoga classes.

Social media influencer group photo
Our Social media influencer summit group at Amgen Headquarters in Thousand Oaks, California..


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