purse shoppingIs it the color that attracts you or the size? Do you search for pockets of varying shapes to hold everything you own or are you creating an image with a designer logo? Is it function or fashion or both?

There is a psychology behind your handbag purchase. Women everywhere have a preference. This is the one accessory that is your focal point while giving you the comfort of housing all the needs for your individual lifestyle.

My clients all over the nation are similar in having definite ideas about this classification. After reviewing their clothing and shoes we always leave handbags for a last evaluation. I usually see many of these “friends” stacked to the ceiling on top shelves. “Tell me about your handbags” I ask! These are some of the answers that I hear.

  •  This is the one I use everyday.
  •  My mother gave me this as a gift and I never use it.
  •  I like this one but it is too small to fit my needs.
  •  Is this still in style? As they start to clear out the “tired” ones they search to see what items are hiding in these collected bags. They discover lost credit cards, money, lipsticks and receipts of all sizes and shapes. They smile and recall the last time they used this accessory.Here are some tips to ease this very important purchase.
  • Review the bags in your closet and decide which ones you want to keep and the ones that need to be retired.
  • Decide on a classic color that can take you everywhere for day or work.
  • Do you have special requirements that lead you easily to finding your needs such as a cell phone,driver’s license or credit cards?
  • Are bags your passion and you want to make a fashion statement? Review your clothing and make a list of multi function bags that can travel through your closet and life.
  • Select a bag that fits your figure proportion. For example if you are petite do not select a bag thatis twice your size when empty or filled to capacity.
  • If you travel, perhaps a briefcase that acts as a handbag too. As we travel through our days we constantly make our handbags the receptacle of all loose change, credit card receipts, telephone numbers scratched on loose bits of paper and business cards gathered from chance or scheduled meetings. They get heavier and heavier. Here is a GREAT IDEA! You need a Handbasket!

Place a medium size basket in your closet. Each evening empty all the contents of your handbag into this basket. The next morning take only the items needed for that day from the basket and place them in your bag. At the end of the week inventory the remaining items in your basket.  There will be lots of money to put in a special bank.

Note: At the end of six months some of my clients have saved enough loose change to purchase a great pair of shoes or another handbag. File the receipts and analyze the business cards for later communication use. You have now accomplished a lighter handbag and an great way to keep organized.

The “Psychology of a Handbag!” Yes there really is an emotional plan that works.

I attended a party a month ago. All the women were asked to place their handbags on the guest room bed. I was the first to leave and as I went to retrieve mine I stopped and marveled at all the different brands, sizes and shapes that remained.

What fun it would be to try to match each with its owner. I smiled to myself and left the party.

Warmest regards,

Dr. of Closetolgy

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